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FYI: Response to Urgent Help Needed to Support Palestinians Arriving in the US from Iraq

9-11-2009 ~ Gracias Brother Zahi ~ On this special tragic day
let us remember the victims of 911 and keep in mind that the
repercussions from that tragic Tuesday continue to reverberate
throughout the world.

The kind of negative tensions and historical resentments that were
psych-warfare factors in the original 911 are if anything worse now
than they were before. plus the madness in the Middle East continues
despite the lessons learned or lessons that should of been learned by
all of us.

Afghanistan is now the achille's heel of the Obama regime and it will
fail in its efforts to dominate the Afghan people, who are really a great
diverse people of many tribes not easily catergorized , the same as the
former Soviet Union failed. All has not been said and done. The day is
still young!

We must learn to evolve beyond petty nationalist interests and see
the collective survival interests of all peoples, including the right to
life, the right to work and the right to propserpous happiness.

As a Chicano activist born and raised inside the brain of the fascist
beast I relate to the struggles of all oppressed peoples, including that
of the heroic Palestinian people.

The present so-called Obama Health Care Plan of the  Obama Regime
fails to include Mexican immigrants who reside in the millions inside
the United States, these are indigenous descendants of the original
peoples of these lands I call Aztlan ~ our land ~ and the sacred right
to good health is an essential need for all peoples.

We need to evolve our collective consciousness beyond the divisions
of race, nation and tribe into a higher understanding of ourselves as
human beings with natural humane rights, including the right to decent
and affordable health care. These are concepts that could be explained
to a child but are hard for a narrow-minded mean-spirited adult to come
to agreement about and fathom.

Chicanos-Latinos inside the United States are victims of a racist fed
cultural nationalism the same as Palestinian people inside the United
States are suffering from prejudice, discrimination and gross injustice
on a daily basis. In the name of La Raza Cosmica, if I may be so bold and
not appear arrogant, I welcome our friends and allies among the Palestinian
people and look forward to our working together, struggling together and
coming together for our collective survival and ultimate success.

Venceremos! is Spanish for 'We Will Win!' and I have no doubt that once
we raise our collective consciousness above the many  divisions amongst
us that we will win a brave new world where all people can breathe and live
under a true socialist democracy in a truly humane society.

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!


From: Zahi Damuni <>
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 7:47:07 PM
Subject: [THIRD-WORLD-NEWS] Urgent Help Needed to Support Palestinians Arriving in the US from Iraq


Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
September 10, 2009

Urgent Help Needed to Support Palestinians Arriving in the US from Iraq

The US government has approved most of the population of Al-Waleed Palestinian refugee camp for resettlement as refugees in the US in the coming year.

For more information see and
http://english. aljazeera. net/news/ middleeast/ 2009/06/20096181 61946158577. html

The first Palestinian family of the year will be arriving next week in San Diego on Wednesday September 16, 2009. This family, as with all the refugees who will be relocated to the US from Al-Waleed, will arrive with essentially nothing. Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, is therefore conducting an urgent fund raising campaign to help all the Palestinian refugees arriving in the US soon with their transition to a new life in this country.

An estimated 19,000 Palestinians, out of an initial population of 34,000, fled Iraq since the American invasion in 2003. Of these refugees, approximately 2500 have been stranded, under very harsh conditions, some for more than five years, in three camps, Al-Tanaf, Al-Waleed and Al-Hol. These camps are located in the middle of the desert far from any population centers. Al-Tanaf camp is located in no-man's land on the borders between Iraq and Syria. Al-Waleed is located on the Iraqi side of the border with Syria and Al-Hol is located in Syria in the Hasaka region. The camp residents had fled largely from Baghdad due to harassment, threats of deportation, abuse by the media, arbitrary detention, torture and murder by organized death squads. They thus became refugees again, originally as a result of the Zionist theft and colonial occupation of Palestine beginning in 1948. Some became refugees also when they were expelled from Kuwait in 1991 by the US-backed Kuwaiti government. Now, after years of waiting, many of the refugees stranded in the camps on the borders of Iraq are being relocated largely to Europe and the US, which continues to occupy Iraq to this day.
The first Palestinian family from Al-Waleed this year will be arriving in San Diego on  September 16, 2009, a few days before the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with 1350 more Palestinians to follow in the months ahead. According to the Christian Science Monitor most of these will be resettled in Southern California and possibly Pennsylvania and Omaha.

Al-Awda is asking all its activists, members and supporters to contribute to help our sisters and brothers in their move to the US.

Please donate today!

Address your tax-deductible donation via check or money order to: Al-Awda, PRRC, PO Box 131352, Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA - Please note on the memo line of the check "Palestinians from Iraq"

Alternatively, please donate online using your credit card. Go to

and follow the simple instructions. Please indicate that your donation is for
"Palestinians from Iraq" with your submission.

Drop off locations:
We will also need furniture, cars, clothes, toys for the kids etc. The following are the current drop off locations:

8531 Wellsford pl # f, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Te: 562-693-1600 Tel: 323-350-0000

For Clothes:
1773 West Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801
For Southern California residents, an emergency meeting is being called for this Sunday starting at 2 PM at the Al-Awda Center, 2734 Loker Avenue West Suite K, in Carlsbad CA 92010.

Our sisters and brothers need all the help they can get after having suffered from the death squads in Baghdad, and more than five years stranded in the camps. We need our people to feel at home as much as possible. We can not disappoint them.
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-918-9441
Fax: 760-918-9442
E-mail: info@al-awda. org

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC) is a not for profit tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America. Under IRS guidelines, your donations to PRRC are tax-deductible.



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