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Energy Weapon> My Dated Incidents: Christine Lynn Harris

Saturday, September 19, 2009 6:02:18 PM


Gracias Christine ~ This is all rather bizarre. Are the local authorities of no use? All of this requires further investigation. Maybe the Attorney General's Office? F.B.I. ?

I am blogging this along with this Email to our HRAgenda Blog. I believe it is important for us to engage in spiritual energy work, understand that there are other realms of living beyond this linear realm of objective reality.

I myself am pretty known but know that others who may wish me ill will have to have a certain kind of negative energy that I can block out and counter-act with my own prayers, meditations and cosmic vibrations One has to be cautious in these kinds of endeavors or risk being ridden off as simply suffering from paranoid delusions.

More will be revealed.

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

Sacramento, California, Aztlan

Yahoo Email:

Come Together! Join Up! Seize theTime!


From: Christine Lynn Harris
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 10:10:51 AM
Subject: Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda Re: My Dated Incidents Welcome Christine! New HRAgenda Group Member! Visit today!~Sat Morn

Hello Honorable Inspector General, Betty White FOIA Officer,

Thank you for your time and consideration.
This is a request, please, FOIA Request, Freedom of Information Act Request.
Christine Lynn Harris
530 Divisadero Street (Mailing Address due to stalkers)
San Francisco, CA 94117
Christine Lynn Harris
1095 Natoma #8 (Home Address)
San Francisco, CA 94103-2564
415-235-6466 c/415-861-1041 h

I have heard that there is a group of us, who can be put on a "list" for revenge, and our mail is tampered with, and our names are slandered. I have heard this list is possibly called the Main Core List. I would like to know if my name is on this list, because my dated outlined incident report of my perpetrators who have taken revenge on me are below. It is vital for my well being to know if I am on this list, and who has put me on this list. Please help me. I am a born US citizen, with a perfect record. There is no reason for me to be on a terrorist list, what so ever. I appreciate your support, and your compassion into this matter. This matters for the rest of my entire life. I am willing to pay the full amount of $25.00 for the FOIA Request to see, find, and now if my name is on this list, and who has put me on this list.

Thank you very much~
Kindest Regards,
Christine Lynn Harris
415-235-6466 c/415-861-1041 h

Subject: Chronological Events of Directed Energy Weapon, Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Psychotronics Victim. My health effects have been horrendous, hands tremor, nerve damage, eye damage to the lens of my eyes, scar tissue on my eyes, loss of vision on my eyes, hearing loss, high pitch hearing loss, hearing loss in right ear. For the first time in my life, I feel threatened each and every day that they will kill me, I have never felt this ever.

Hello Honorable Chief of Police George Gascon, San Francisco, CA,

There has been the strangest series of unfortunate events in my life. This is all with a home owner association at 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

All of these events were really for a piece of paper, that Deborah Davids had to fill out, but instead she lied to the Attorney General, and then takes revenge, covertly, so only I can see, but at times, I have witnesses to the crimes against me. I tell my story because I nearly died because of the technology used against me, and at this point, she already destroyed my body, and who knows what else she, and they, will do, but at least my story, or at least parts of it will be told. Hopefully, they will be held accountable for nearly killing me, and taking my life and privacy away from me. I do not believe in revenge, war, or retaliation, but I do believe in justice.

The people who have committed these crimes against me are as follows:

Deborah Davids, president of home owner association pddavids@sbcglobal. net

720 York Street #226, San Francisco, CA 94110

Peter Davids, her husband who works for Jones Day Law firm (this is where the key connections are I believe with this technology and crimes) 415-875-5813 pdavids@jonesday. com Michelle Beazley, property manager Golden Gate Property Management 1675 Garnet Lane Concord, CA 94519 michiebe@aol. com, husband Sergeant Raymond Beazley, works for the Mission Street police station in San Francisco.

June 2008 -Started to get strange prank calls, with phone numbers 000-000-0000 or 999-999-9999 My phones have echos and hang up while on the phone, my phones, cell and home phones are tapped without a warrant out of revenge.

July and August 2008-I would request contact, many times, information from the president of the HOA, she never responded

August 2008-I sent for a Notice of Complaint to the CA Attorney General Complaint ID#230697

August 5, 2008-Debra Davids, president of HOA, 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (Unit #226, she finally gave me after I emailed the HOA attorney) We both received the Notice of Complaint from the Attorney General, requesting her contact information.

August 7, 2008-Stalked by two men, I have detailed story, covert warfare, both in undercover police car, my husband is witness to them driving around while riding his bike to work.

August 9, 2008-Meeting in lobby with HOA board and owners, we were not invited, and I emailed to get the minutes and president and property manager denied it ever existed.

August 21, 2008-Response letter back from Attorney General and Debra Davids gives a very strange answer, much like a lie, in a round about way. PIU #230697

August 27, 2008-I write to the SF DA and Mayor asking for a meeting, no meetings.

August 31, 2008-Went to Mission Street police to report stalking, but was denied to report

September 8, 2008-I emailed the HOA attorney to tell her about stalking and prank calls, and electronic harassment, phones and fax stopped

August 19, 2008-Second stalker came back in a black dodge truck, but I did not get the license.

August 21, 2008-Debra Davids, president of HOA starts to stalk me. Strange text messages, harassing phone calls from strangers

September 22, 2008-Filed police report on gang stalking, (this is after I sent a police report via on-line) Police Report #081008560

September 25, 2008-I started to send stalking incident to everyone in the building, and neighborhood

September 29, 2008-Debra Davids and Michelle Beazley sent me a note stating not to send owners any letters, and to clean the tape residue off of the windows.

October 5-20, 2008-Went away for two weeks

October 24, 2008-Sent in for copy of police report #081008560 I had to request from the city Mayor, and Board of Supervisors copies of my police reports, otherwise, they were refused.

November 4, 2008-I had three officers come over after I saw Debra Davids and Michelle Beazley at my window looking at me like they were going to kill me. My Father was my witness to the conversation. I told them the gang stalking incident, and that I knew Sergeant Raymond Beazley was involved in conspiring with his wife and Debra Davids to send stalker to me. The officers called in another Sergeant, and they threatened me, and said they would sue me for slander. I told them I was going to see an inspector at 850 Bryant Street. I was right about being afraid and fearing for my life, as I have nearly died three times from directed energy weapons. Hospitalized twice. Police Report #081180497

November 5, 2008-My husband and I went to 850 Bryant to see an inspector, and he was bald, and said my case was lost. He gave me a yellow note with Officer Dunn's number.

November 6, 2008-I called officer Dunn, and it said it was the psychology department. I realized they were trying to criminalize me for their crimes.

November (after this date above) 2008-I saw a man, who had the siloette of the second stalker at my building, with a red light shined on me in the window, and energy hit my body. I started to get sick, and researched and realized a directed energy weapon was used on me.

November 2008-We put our condo up for sale. Debra Davids stalks me. I go down to the ACCESS center, and try to file a restraining order against her, but after having a conversation, I realize she would get more angered, and feared what she would do, so I decided against this method.

February 13, 2009-Peet's coffee, Burlingame, (this is where I met my friend). I sit next to a large man, trench coat, and he pulls out his computer, with a photo of Bush with cross bones, and proceeds to talk with me, and says the word LOVE all the time, a word that I use, which I thought was interesting, then he tells me he went to the same university as me, which is strange, I have never met this guy, and I never told him where I went to school. He looks at me to tell me how angered he is about class action lawsuits, which is strange, then I give him the Organized Stalking booklet, and he leaves. I look on Jones Day Law firm to see his face, and I do, Robert Marshall, partner,rgmarshall@jonesday .com, 415-875-5720, in San Francisco office.

He works with Peter Davids, the president of my home owner association' s husband. This confirms for me, that they are in on this organized crime, and are harming me. I have strong reason to believe this man is involved in serious crimes against humanity, and has access to technology. Electronic Harassment, Electronic Assault.
www.angelfire. cm/or/mctrl/ akewi.html is an illegal human experiment, that many US citizens, and human beings around the globe are experiencing. I believe this man or this firm, has access to the worlds most powerful technology, the Star Wars Weapons.

There is a constant source of electromagnetic radiation on me 24/7, daily. It is done through the "Frey Effect" and Remote Neural Monitoring.

There is a constant source of systematic organized stalking, electronic harassment, and directed energy weapons.

February 15, 2009-I sent a note to Kevin Ward, board member, telling him that there is a person in the building who is stalking me.

Februrary 18, 2009-I believe this was the day, I was hit very hard with directed energy weapons, and I nearly died, all of my organs burned, and my eyes blurred, and hearing loss. I did not realize where this was coming from, but I was with a group called www.freedomfchs. com, and started being on Yahoo groups for support. I emailed all my friends to tell them I love them because I thought for sure, I was going to die. The day that this happened, I went to the front window at 720 York Street, #111 San Francisco, CA 94110, and noticed Debra Davids, was at my window, while the directed energy hit my entire body. I opened the window, and said that we could get along, and live in the same building. I looked directly at her, and she said to me "I am not doing anything wrong to you Christine", which I thought was a strange statement.

February 19, 2009-I went to visit Misha, who deals with police brutality, and she noticed I was not well. She put me in touch with a reporter Marlon Crump, who supported me through this ordeal.

February 23, 2009-I went to the ER, as my condition was getting worse. I could not breath well, and my body burned inside so bad, my feet had welts on them, my eyes blurred vision, and hearing loss. I have both an eye exam showing lens damage, and an hearing exam showing hearing loss, high pitched sounds and loss in right ear.

February 25, 2009-I sent the board a letter requesting meditation, mediation, or seminars to have reconciliation. They write back and deny anything is wrong, and will not meet with me, and send the VP of HOA.

February 26, 2009-I was with my friend, reporter Marlon Crump, and we were at Peet's coffee, off of Brannon Street, I had just went into my trunk to get a copy of the organized stalking booklet, for Marlon, we had coffee, I dropped him off at home, went to pick up my friend Lee, and we noticed all the booklets were stolen, I have a receipt. Police Report #090208543

March 13, 2009-My car was towed illegally for revenge, the citation and tow are not the same address Invoice #468599

March 20, 2009-I email a friend to tell her a story of someone like me, and she emails me back to tell me that she was working by my building, and she too was hit with what she called electromagnetic pulse. She is a witness to this event in some way.

March 2009-Reporter writes article called Electronic Harassment www.poormagazine. org by Marlon Crump

March 26, 2009-Meeting with Phil Bryan, VP of HOA. This day, I have harassing phone calls from people who pretend to be with AT & T, and a stalker who claimed to be with AT & T, who left a note on my door. AT & T, are always professional with real legal notes, not scratch paper.

April 2009-Somewhere around here, two tow trucks were going to tow my car again for revenge for getting a police report, I have the tow truck on video questioning him. I stopped them from towing my car.

April 15, 2009-I talk with the groups psychologist Cyndie in PA, as she deals with trauma patients, and victims of organized stalking, directed energy weapons, and psychotronic weapons.

April 24, 2009-Wrote city attorney to get refund back on tow. City attorney gives refund.

April 2009, I had a day when I was meeting with Phil Bryan and my mediator for our HOA Bryant Square Lofts, at Starbucks, Mariposa, and Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley refused to meet, because they are guilty. About 10 police officers showed up at Starbucks to surround us while we had our meeting. Thank goodness we had the meeting room, as to not be harassed.

May 15, 2009-10:00 A.M. in the morning, I was with very hard in the heart with directed energy weapons again, almost died. Went to the ER, this time, no IV, no pain medication, no oxygen.

During these months, I have also experienced what is called psychotronic weapons as well. I have strong reason to believe my phone conversations are no longer private. I have strong reason to believe the day my car was towed they GPS and bugged my car.

June 16, 2009, Today, I was in China town with a friend, and when I went to get into my car a DVD was by my door, that said the word "Murder" on it, not sure if this was directed at me, but it was strange.

I have strong reason to believe that a man Tim W. Anderson, who created terror_stalking@ yahoogroups. com 925-333-9185, taadev@gmail. com, taa@ix.netcom. com, taadv@yahoo. com may be involved in the technology being used against me, and others.

I have strong reason to believe my computer was hacked and my files stolen due to the slowness of my computer being on DSL, cyberstalked, and that these criminals also can use spy ware for computers as well. Deborah Davids may be a hacker.

Deborah Davids lied to the CA attorney general on a form, lied to me many times with regards to several issues.

All these strange things started to happen to me, I started to research in the internet to realize I was not lone, and it seems like many cases, it is out of revenge. I found www.freedomfchs. com, a group of people, like me, who were put on this list, a list that involves gang stalking, organized stalking, directed energy weapons, phone taps, GPS on cars, with this strange group of organized covert criminals who thrive on destroying someone's life. There are stories of people who have been put on this list after a divorce, a break up with a girlfriend, one woman, Judy Thacker, has been going through this for 22 years after a woman was held accountable for stealing from her, put in jail for a brief period of time, and then Judy started to realize her life has forever changed. I hear that we are hardly allowed to fly, as we are also put on a security list at the airport. I find it interesting that these criminals take revenge to make it look like we are the criminals, when in fact, it is the opposite. I also heard "we" may be are what is called the Main Core List, which allows us to be harassed by these stalkers and criminals. This is just pure insanity, these criminals must be stopped. It does not matter how connected these people are, it matters that they are held accountable for their horrendous crimes.

Kindest Regards,

Christine Harris

530 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 (mailing address due to stalking and opened mail)
415-235-6466 c 415-861-1041 h christinelynnharris @hotmail. com, christinelynnharris, cococobella@

--- On Sat, 9/19/09, PETER S LOPEZ wrote:

Subject: Humane-Rights- Agenda Re: Welcome Christine! New HRAgenda Group Member! Visit today!~Sat Morn
To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009, 6:51 AM


Saturday Morning ~ Cool.... I would love to hear your story. There are lots of strange happenings that are going on, sometimes it may seem like paranoia or a conspiracy, but I know that certain people who are considered threats to the Evil Established Order could be the victims of targeted assault, systemic harassment and/or defamation of character in order to discredit what one is advocating.

It is early here... I work on Saturdays at our local refugee camp and will check my Email later.

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

, California, Aztlan
Yahoo Email: peter.lopez51@
http://twitter. com/Peta51

Come Together! Join Up! Seize theTime!

http://groups. group/Humane- Rights-Agenda/

http://humane- rights-agenda- network.ning. com/

http://humane- rights-agenda. blogspot. com/

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +

From: Christine Lynn Harris
Cc: H-R-A Group
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 8:41:43 AM
Subject: Re: Welcome Christine! New Humane-Rights- Agenda Group Member! Visit today!

Hello Peter,

I will write more when I have time, I am just leaving the house. I know Mesha Monge, whose son died at the hands of SFPD. She introduced me to your group. I am a victim of what is called electronic harassment, electronic assault, directed energy weapons, stalking by SFPD because of a connected property manager, and president of home owner association. I will send you the dated incidents soon.

Best Wishes, Thank you!
Christine Harris
415-235-6466 c

--- On Fri, 9/18/09, PETER S LOPEZ> wrote:

Subject: Welcome Christine! New Humane-Rights- Agenda Group Member! Visit today!
To: "Christine Lynn Harris"
Cc: "H-R-A Group">
Date: Friday, September 18, 2009, 6:13 AM

Friday, September 18th ~ Welcome Christine! It is early in the morning here in Sacra and still dark outside. I woke up really early today... about 4 AM. Sometimes I wake up and all these thoughts rush into my consciousness.

Please feel free to give us a brief introduction of yourself in terms of who you are, what your general interets are, what other groups you may belong to and how we can make this a better more responsive online group. There is a network group below with another company that has chat built into the group Home Page, unlike this Yahoo one.

I want to delete the dead weight here, believe that quality is more important than quantity and some folks have their Email addresses disabled or they are no longer functional.

I prefer to have all Group Members Edit Membership to at least receive rare Special Notices.

If someone Joins, never posts and seems to be invisible I wonder why they joined in the first place?!? An impulsive moment? For an obscure resume?

Ideally, we want to get a lot of real humane rights activists up on here so we can share, learn from each other and make it a better humane world for all of us.

The concept of HUMANE is not just a play on the word 'human'. The ideal of a humane rights agenda is for us to have common ground for communicating and working together as humane beings. A humane being will have care, concern and compassion for the people; as distinct from a human being who could simply bge a carnivorous mammal.

There is a systematic method to any apparent madness of mine.

So welcome! Remember my saying that sharing is caring.

It is early here in California and we will see what we will see. I am employed as a Counselor-Caseworke r at a homeless shelter, learn a lot about what is really going on with people in the real world and post up when I can. I believe it is important for us to integrate and diversify our lives in ways that make us more and more happy, humane and balanced.

P.S. I want us all to make sure to have a Yahoo Account and to put some meat in our Profile. The world is undergoing dramatic changes, there are a lot of troubles in society and many souls are riddled with fears. Thanks to the Power of the Internet in these traumatic times humane beings can reach out to each other, get moral-spiiritual support and combat the individualistic isolation of many.

Fear not, open up and let your inner beauty open up and blossom!


Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

, California, Aztlan
Yahoo Email: peter.lopez51@
http://twitter. com/Peta51

Come Together! Join Up! Seize theTime!

http://groups. group/Humane- Rights-Agenda/

http://humane- rights-agenda- network.ning. com/

http://humane- rights-agenda. blogspot. com/

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From: Christine Lynn Harris
To: Humane-Rights- Agenda Moderator
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 10:31:13 PM
Subject: Re: Yahoo! Groups: Welcome to Humane-Rights- Agenda. Visit today!

Thank you~

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From: Humane-Rights- Agenda Moderator
Subject: Yahoo! Groups: Welcome to Humane-Rights- Agenda. Visit today!
To: christinelynnharris
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 10:29 PM

Welcome to the Humane Rights Agenda Yahoo Group! A free, easy-to-use Email Group for sharing News, Information and Discussion related to the fight for humane rights worldwide.

Our Group Focus is to help provide a forum for people on the Main Topic of humane rights issues and related subjects.

We support open honest communications with mutual respect, not cyber attacks. As humane beings, we seek common ground based upon our common survival interests with common sense!

We live in times of troubles, human beings are an endangered species and Mother Earth is in danger. Let us use Internet Power wisely.

You can decide whether to view Messages via Individual E-Mails, Daily Digest, Special Notices or Only at the Group Home Page.

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