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Update! Parole in consideration for Leonard Peltier

Update! Parole in consideration for Leonard Peltier

August 14, 10:09 AM · Victoria Wolf - Riverside County Progressive Examiner

Don't stop now! If you haven't started, please do so ... calling .... writing ... email, or fax!   See the contact information below.

If you really care about justice, the truth, and the original Americans, this message is for you.  The following is an update from a recent newsletter.  Please read the material presented.  Study up on the case if you are in doubt of the facts.  

There is a lot of material available, and when read, surely you will understand why it is so incredibly important to make your voice heard, in the way best suited to you, in regards to this nation's first people.

The immediate return of Leonard Peltier to his family, his community, and as one of  the inspirational leaders of his people is so very important. Through the years Leonard deserves ... has earned ... the respect he has gained as the Nelson Mandela of his people, and an example of grace in leadership to us all.

The parole is still being considered, as I write this, and now is the time to act, or to continue to act.

Thank you so much for considering this situation, and doing what you do best.



If you want to be free, there is but one way; it is to guarantee 
an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is 
no other. 
* Parole Update * 
As attorney Eric Seitz has said regarding parole, the Peltier case 
is one of "original jurisdiction". That classification is the 
result of a number of factors--including the seriousness of the 
"offense," the fact that Mr. Peltier is serving life sentences, 
and also because this is such a high-profile case. 
Procedurally, this means the examiner made a recommendation sometime 
following the hearing on July 28. The application for parole was 
then forwarded to the regional commissioner apparently, who also 
reviewed the case and made a recommendation (the same as a vote, 
in this instance). The case was then forwarded to the four sitting 
executive commissioners in Washington (or Chevy Chase, MD, right 
outside of DC). The parole decision will be made by majority vote. 
According to parole guidelines: 
"Upon receipt of an original jurisdiction case, the National 
Commissioners, where feasible, shall process the case within 21 
days.. Cases shall be voted on sequentially." 
It isn't known when the National Commissioners received the Peltier 
application for parole or when the 21-day clock began running. 
It isn't known how many parole applications were received prior 
to Peltier's application or if a backlog exists at the U.S. Parole 
It isn't known if all four National Commissioners are available 
for the review and a vote at this time. It's August and, 
traditionally, Washington pretty well closes down during the month 
of August. Members of Congress return to their home districts for 
the month and they and the President generally vacation during this 
period. Government bureaucrats often do the same. 
Our point: There are many unknowns. But this is something we 
DO know. There is great potential here for there to be a delay 
-- intentional or not -- with regard to the parole decision. 
The words "where feasible," tell us so. 
That's why everyone has to keep up the political pressure. 
We know you've written letters, made calls, sent e-mails. First, 
thank you. Thank you very much for all you do on Leonard's behalf. 
But now you have to do it again. And again. And again. Please. Do 
it and keeping doing it until Leonard Peltier is home with his 
Call the White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1112; 
Fax a letter to the White House: 202-456-2461; 
E-mail the White House:

Take all three actions every single day. 
And the message? 
Mr. President. Free Peltier NOW! 
Again, thank you. 

* Of Special Interest * 
The clock is ticking ever faster for Leonard Peltier (with sample 
letters to the Parole Commission)
Peltier: His Life
A Refresher on American Indian History

His Parole: An Exclusive Interview (with Leonard Peltier)
"Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all 
people. Be persistent in all that you do and don't allow anyone to 
sway you from your conscience." -- Leonard Peltier 
Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. 
Friends of Peltier

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