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Mayor Johnson Camps With The Homeless People Of Safe Ground: Sacra Press + Comment

Mayor Johnson Camps With The Homeless People Of Safe Ground
by Jennifer Reed, published on August 14, 2009 at 12:44PM

Fox 40's Natalie Bomke, and Mayor Kevin Johnson camped out with Sacramento's homeless community, August 11, 2009. This is a huge step in making homelessness a priority and bringing forth change.

Safe Ground's mission is to help the homeless community to have a safe and legal place to stay until the housing issues are resolved. Mayor Johnson and Bomke showed up at Safe Ground's recent camp-out spot to learn first hand what it is like to be homeless.

Johnson and Bomke signed Safe Ground's participant agreement; which is required in order to camp: no drugs, no alcohol, no violence. This agreement is set to keep the homeless community safe.

John Kraintz, a homeless leader and a member of Safe Ground, has great hope that the homeless community won't appear "invisible" anymore. Change occurs when people take notice. The time has come for just that. How could you not take notice when Sacramento's very own Mayor decides to take heed and put himself in a homeless man's shoes?

In visiting, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes website, you can find some very touching and informative videos by Fox 40 and Contra Mantis, in regards to Sacramento's homeless community, and what Safe Ground is doing to help make this movement work for the best.

Today, Safe Ground continues to move on a daily basis preventing the homeless from being arrested for camping. I'm very pleased to say there weren't any camping tickets for Mayor Johnson or Bomke.

Mayor Johnson has created a task force to work out a more permanent place for the homeless community to call "home."



Comment: The local Emergency Shelters are usually packed full, many families with

children have no safe place to stay, thousands are left homeless in the

streets, hiding out by the riverbanks or imposing on friends who may have

a couch or floor space.

Sacramento needs a location where those who are simply homeless with

no place to lay their heads at night can sleep in relative peace and safety.

To echo; the homeless are our domestic refugees ~the 'canary in the mind'~

warning all of us of what happens in a failed social service system that can

not even help all innocent homeless children.


Addressing and fixing the 'homeless problem' will give us all ideas, ideals

and solutions for helping to heal all of society of its many ills, including lost

souls trapped in the vicious cycle of drug addiction, dysfunctional families

who require good parenting skills, ignorant people who need basic quality

education to enhance their employability and a whole array of social and

humane social services to help empower people, raise consciousness and

heighten personal self-esteem.


One does not have to be homeless to have such 'issues' but the homeless
American refugees are just the visibile ones we see as there are many thousands
of others who are now hidden behind fragile walls that can easily fall apart
leaving them bare to the harsh elements of society homeless and forsaken.
For many employed people being homeless can be a paycheck away!!!

Sacramento official leaders, the City Council and Board of Supervisors, not to

mention the Governator, should have the courage, intelligence and imagination
to help cure homeless related social issues.

Helping the homeless will help all of society, help all families and help those

who need help the most in what is for them the 'GREAT DEPRESSION OF


Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka: Peta

Sacramento, California,Aztlan

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