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UPDATE: Prop. 36 in 2009-10

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From: Margaret Dooley-Sammuli <>
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Subject: UPDATE: Prop. 36 in 2009-10

Dear Friends and Allies,


It's July 1 – the first day of California 's new fiscal year – and there's no new budget. That's the bad news. The good news is that our Legislators are working to keep Prop. 36 treatment-instead-of-incarceration funded in the coming year. We expect the program will be cut, but by how much? Many of you are operating under the assumption that there will be zero funding. I hope you're wrong. Sacramento legislators have proposed a plan that would keep (a paltry) $68 million in the program. Of that, $50 million would come from federal stimulus (Byrne) dollars, and $18 million from the general fund. It ain't great, but this year it's not the worst scenario either…


As you know, there is still a lot of horse-trading left to be done in Sacramento before a budget is passed by 2/3 and then signed by the governor. The proposal could still change. However, this is where things are now. I encourage you to contact your legislators about continued funding for this important program. I'm attaching two DPA policy briefs on how Prop. 36 funding could be retained.


WE'VE MADE IT EASY – Please send a letter to Sacramento here:


Thank you for keeping up the fight in any way you can!



PS. You can find out how to contact your legislator here:


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