Friday, May 01, 2009

On Bringing Forward A Humane Rights Agenda: by Peta-de-Aztlan
Friday, May 1, 2009 ~ There have been a lot of protest demonstrations around the globe today for various causes, issues and reasons. All these groups, peoples and organizations are usually scattered out without a common denominator to help unite people together into a critical mass based upon our common survival needs in order to bring about the true transformation of connected reality in the world we live in today.

We should first come together based upon our pure love, our love for ourselves, our love for people and our love for all living beings in general. Human beings are now an endangered species upon Mother Earth and our continuation as a species depends upon our ultimate success and victory for all.

We the people need to come together based upon a common humane rights agenda and create a new humanity that cherishes life as divinely sacred, a new humanity that will recognize its differences yet see the rainbow beauty of its diversity, a new humanity that can have the vision to create a sane, safe and sober world where people can live in social peace, work together in harmony, develop natural talents, sharpen productive skills and help each other as a way of being as humane beings, not merely two-legged carnivorous animals. We should have the crystal clear understanding that on a cosmic level we are all one with common survival interests and common dreams. The future of humanity depends upon our hard conscientious work guided by wisdom and collective success in these historic endeavors in order to create a new humanity without weapons of mass destruction because its people come together for mass creation of a new humane world.

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In the eternal present moment of here now is all the time we have and all the time we need. An inner change in our souls is key for us to blossom forth an outer change in the world at large. It is not a mere change in Presidents, change in governments or change in economic systems that we require today. It is a change in our collective souls as a species of life, a deep spiritual revolution that will ultimately create a real quantum leap in social evolution.

For us, for our immediate families, for our innocent children and for future generations yet unborn we must come together as one, save ourselves, move back from the brink of mutual destruction and win a brave new world!

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win Together!
Brother Peta-de-Aztlan
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Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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