Sunday, April 05, 2009

Read: Welcome New Humane-Rights-Agenda member! ~ from Group Manager

4-05-2009 @11:45 AM ~Greetings!

Welcome to the Humane-Rights-Agenda Yahoo Group, check out our Blog and feel free to post Commends on the Blog itself. Check out the Blog Link at the Group Home Page. I send the most important news articles to the Blog the same as I do to the Group.

Please take the time to offer a short Self-Introduction about yourself, your concerns and your interests. Due to time and work limitations I cannot respond to each and every post
. When you post from a news source please include the HTML Internet Link on the top of your post. The ideal here is for us to be a source of news, information and analyzes about humane rights in general on a global level. Over the years this Group has taken on a life of its own and anyone can join, anyone can post and anyone can share what they want. Sometimes we get a wacko post something but that is worth the ideal of having a basic open unmoderated online group and we should support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION as a basic humane right! However, yes there is a however, one must also be held accountable for what they post, do so in a good humane spirit and do not use this Group tp project your own individual selfish hang-ups. We live in tough troubled times. We must help each other as we can, know that you can contact a Group Member via their own Personal Email and keep stuff on a GROUP LEVEL! Try to avoid long entangling Email Threads as they often just end up a scattered tangled mess!

Let us use the power of the Internet to post onto other groups, onto other blogs, onto other websites and feel free to include a LINK to the Humane-Rights-Agenda!


Use your imagination and let your spirit guide you in all your ways. Each of us on an individual personal level can make a key difference in our life and in the lives of others as we pursue our purposes, interests and common dreams.

Share your ideas, share your concerns, share your interests and remember that open sharing is caring about others and surpasses isolated selfishness. As a species of life upon Mother Earth, in fact, the dominant species of life, we must see ourselves as an endangered species of life.

Mother Earth is in trouble and many people live quiet lives of deep despair, dark depression and devastated desperation. We can and should help each other in all ways that we can. Sometimes we can just send a Private Email to someone on an individual level with true words of encouragement with educational value. Use your own discretion and THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK SEND TO THIS GROUP!

If you want to communicate with me on a one-on-one basis post PETA in the Subject Line and it will more likely catch my eye. I actually have a real life offline and must do myself basic Daily Living Activities like eat, clean and work out. Take the time in your life to do your own private prayer, private meditation and private introspection without the external distractions of modern life. Sometimes we just have to shut off all gadgets and our electrical connections and listen to the stillness within in search of an inner serenity!

Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

Home Phone: 916/346-4483


From: Yahoo! Groups Notification <> To: Sent: Friday, April 3, 2009 5:58:57 AM Subject: New Humane-Rights-Agenda member
Hello, This is an automated email message to let you know that mdaultry <> joined your Humane-Rights-Agenda group. Your group is currently configured to send you email notification whenever a new member joins. To turn off notification, visit: Thank you for choosing Yahoo! Groups as your email group service for the Humane-Rights-Agenda group. Regards, Yahoo! Groups Customer Care Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

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