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From Ms. Elvira ~ Disabled Person seeking help for return of HUD Voucher Taken away

Gracias Elvira ~ I am not sure what more we can do right now, other than getting your story out there and hoping someone can come up with specific help. I suspect that there may be a mental health issue involved, but I pray you are not stuck out on the streets.

Education for Liberation!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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Subject: OK More Info. is This What you want? I'm back online for now Please contack me Place on the streets again and again please call me for more infomationRE: More of Elvira Story Long!!! Disable Person seeking help for return of HUD Voucher Taken away Phone#

Ms. Elvira,


Thank you for your e-mails, however, in order to provide assistance to you, I need your full name and a telephone or address for me to call or write and discuss your problem.  Please call me at 1800-440-8091. ext/ 2471.


Unless I get this information and talk with you, there is nothing I can do.


I can only give you my # 561-302-8872 because I just don't know what will happen next? I need help ASAP Please I did nothing wrong that was done to me when will it end I'm ill in need of a place to live Toxic free.


Thank You, 

Ok Names and Adress and Case # If you need More let me know please
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Subject: Re:Hello From Elvira I'm Alive! I'm Alive....... I'm Alive!! Justice is Blind

I moved to Georgia it was hell I moved on 10/28/06 and the Landlord Brenda G. KnewKirt 1989 Green Gable Circle Buford Georgia 30519 filed a civil action on me on 11/15/06 all lies and said I couldn't have my own Computer? I said Florida would follow me that's why I moved out of State of Florida Boca Raton , to prove they would follow me and they did I stayed in the hotel where the Policemen helped me fine. From there the hospital give me the name of a man Mr. Melvin Harris 6290 N Sweet Water Road Lithia Springs Georgia Douglas Ville case # 06M37918 Clerk, Gwinnett Magistrate Court, P. O. Box 246 Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (770-822-8100 Ext. CIVIL Div.) in Georgia Mrs. NewKert Filed 15 days after I moved in long story
I was kidnapped again on 12/15/06 Mr. Harris   and placed in a Mental Hospital in Rome Georgia Wellstar Hospital in Lawrence vill........ they have changed the dates that I was taken against my will. from Christmas Eve to 11/18/06 Go Figure my kids had
to fine me then come get me with help from the Media they found me long story.

I have a lease in Florida until 3/07 I was evicted by Mold on 10/23/06 after HUD gave me 60 days starting 9/15/06 Mr. Gilmore in Miami said I could ask for another month on top of the 60 days this was about mold. and they let the Landlord evict me on 10/23/06 by the way I also lost my HUD Voucher over all this toxic mold my lease say 3/7/06? this I will write about what happen in Georgia

I'm in shark don't understand why but I'm! when I know the people behind this cruel punishment working HUD Voucher wouldn't leave me alone no matter what? I'm now homeless ill disable with a Gastro Viral infection. also while in Rome Georgia they was testing meds on the people I'm one of them the meds started eating the stomick and down my leg that bother me to this day. this started when I called 911, I was bleeding couldn't sleep, the reason behind the no sleep was Mr. Harris a man the Hospital in GWINNETT Give people that @ their 211 #? those that are Homeless that is Mr. Harris placed me in a room at 6290 N Sweet Water Road Lithia Springs Georgia his Cell: 404-246-8929. Mr. Harris has two other women living in this house they will do any thing he say anything.

I was very ill and Mold is very bad in that home, the Woman name Jenny I couldn't inter her room at all, my T-Shirts explain that and the other woman name is Linda she sat the Church on fire. then help put it out the day before thanks giving?!. I thought they where good people I was so wrong Mr. Melvin Harris had them putting something in my food this is a very long one to explain what ever it was it made my Pain very bad. I needed to call for help Linda told me I had to call Mr. Harris before I can call 911 to go to ER? I said why I need a doctor she was calling him as I asked that question something happen early in the morning a friend called me early doing the night I ask them not to hang up the phone.and told them what was going on the Police come so did other I stayed in my room they where after me? they think I don't know about that again long story it was a Scary night I called Media I also called the Courts they told me to call 911. I had a 561 cell Phone I was on all Night long when I called 911 it was about noon. I remember 1 PM being at WellStar Hospital so much pain and no one was doing a thing. then I know what was really going on SOS, that happen in Florida 2 times in one Year 2004. every time I seek Medical help bad things happen I need a real doctor. they ask me was any thing in my Blood I said yes but I didn't know what it was
It had my face feeling very funny the Women in the house had put something in my food Mr. Harris called me and treaten me early that day before all this Long story!?.test was done and so was other things another long story, I do poetry so I started asking question in poetry, the Hospital you couldn't hear a pin drop and one of the Doctors was writing every word I said.

Asking Why and who was behind what was going on? they hide that as well the Hospital that is, they told me nothing was in my blood not true this need to really really be investigated. that's how Much Power Mr. Melvin Harris has Doctor's Policeman they where trying to put me in Jail. this officer just kept coming to my room taking me for walks? she was acting so funny she ask me if I wanted something to drank Coke I said yes. I tasted it, something wasn't right about it so I pored it out in the sank then saw something I didn't know what it was, so I cleaned it from the sank. I was sent to Rome Georgia Mental Hospital 1 Am the next day after   which was 12/10/06 not Thanks Giving it has been changed to 11/18 for some reason to hide true fact. the staff was on drugs at the Rome Georgia Hospital I come so close to death so many times. because they know no one will believe me by placing me so many times in a Mental Hospital I feel the Gastro Infection saved my life. the Murder started on the men side you can let them fool you......... ....

but they can't fool me I had my Meds filled that day as well at Wyatt's Pharmacy 3750 BankHead HWY. 770-948-8825 it's on the paper work it has 12/18/06, I didn't know about this until  after the fact. and they wouldn't let me take my medican with me or any thing else but my medical info Rome Georgia Hospital told me after the Nurse come out looking at paper work on me. I just happen to be standing there I said I need medical help how did I get here I have a gastro Viral infection.

I couldn't get help for the Medical problem it really saved my life and a few others doing the murders at the hospital on 12/15/06. I don't care if you think I'm crazy my story is true. I will get to Mrs. NewKirt in Georgia and Mrs. Wong Boca Raton 6550 Somerset Dr. K108 33433 Later. this is a very long story and some of the things I can't believe myself. this is why I say investigate, what a nightmare and it started in 1995 this woman judith_a._ayers

She moved up in HUD way UP.......... what and evil woman and so much power.

Dr. Martin L. King and other are turning over in their graves all these wrongs done in his name and many others dead even GOD. Give me some one that's living for the dead can't fight back. and they keep the chins that binds us tighter and tighter.I couldn't get Medical help for my Gastro Viral Infection in the Mental Hospital and WHY!!! Do they keep doing this to me and no one cares I just don't understand Years of this Cruel Unusual Punishment.

the Death was done by the Patient ordered by the nurse also using the Patient's that rent and on SSA Or SSI. when I was in the Rome Georgia Hospital I bet this has been hidden as well. and the reason they change the date I was in the Hospital the Patient's that did the Murders they had to let them go right away. Oh the Fear in there poor faces I wonder what happen to those Patient's they need to be found and treaded and that Nurse and the others taken to jail see other stories about the same hospital.can this happen to you? there's more

A fatal struggle -- but no punishment

Published on: 01/14/07

Please I've also gone to Hastings Jeb Bush sooo many Mel Martinez the list is long no help. they beleave the wrong doers there's a lot of infomation this is a small part of my story. They also used a war type on me tried to drive me crazy using it dust coming out of the AC vent again I ask can this happen to you or someone you love?

Come see my proof.


Thank You Elvira

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Ms. Elvira,


Thank you for your e-mails, however, in order to provide assistance to you, I need your full name and a telephone or address for me to call or write and discuss your problem.  Please call me at 1800-440-8091. ext/ 2471.


Unless I get this information and talk with you, there is nothing I can do.


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