Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome New THIRD-WORLD-NEWS member + Statement from Group Manager: Peta-de-Aztlan!

3-30-2009 @8:07 PM / PST
Welcome Companero / Comrade / Brother!!!

If you please feel free to share a brief introduction of yourself. This is a simple Yahoo Group that anyone with an Internet connection is free to join without worry about getting Messages censored at all. Unless, someone gets stuck on stupid. I am the Manager for a few other Yahoo Groups but this is one of my favorites because it is close to my heart. We see that the Third World is largely neglected by corporate-controlled Western media powers, though this is changing ever so slowly for the better.

As our Group's Home Page declares, the majority of the world's peoples live in the Third World, that is, Latin America, Africa and Asia. I watch CNN a lot and it is one of the best, despite its own prejudices and subtle political stances that fortify an unjust order. I wish I could get Al-Jazeera News on TV here in Sacramento, California.

I strongly believe that it is important for us to have a wide diversity of News Sources. I am thankful that the Internet helps us to do just that and that we have little obvious censorship, though sometimes Google Maps has some strange omissons in certain Hotspots ~ I am with a small Dell Laptop here at my 'casa' ~ home in English and I do not have Vista on this one, though I do at my regular work site.

I believe we need to help others get computers, repair computers and get more and more people on the Internet so they can have access to the unlimited wealth of information that is one the Internet.

Sometimes some Yahoo Groups are 'Moderated' by control freaks who must approve all postings before they are allowed to post or they are limited at first until the New Group Member is trusted by the subjective opinion of the Moderator.

My main Yahoo Group is the Humane-Rights-Agenda, which has a related Blog. Plus go to the Third-World-News Yahoo Group and you can spy a connect to its Third-World-News Blog.
Sometimes having an Open Policy can result in a new Group Member posting some silly stuff about joining a motorcycle club or a sex-page link up, but these events are so rare that it is not worth the censorship to limited a Group's Settings.

Then some Groups have a kind of politically correct policy that is not always spelled out and clarified for Group Members. Even if someone posts a reactionary off-the-wall vulgar post it does give us an indication of the kind of insane folks who are crusing the Internet (not to even go into child perverts and other Evil Ones). Nevertheless, it is always important for us to keep in mind our basic humane rights, including the right to freedom of speech, though that freedom comes with its inherent accountability and responsibility for the one who exercises that FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

I am my Personal Computer set up so that when I post this Email I can also simultaneously post onto the related Blog. If you do not always, you may try to experiment with creating your own blog.

If and when you post please be sure to include the related website at the top of the given post so that there can be some verification of the content of the given post related to Third World News.

I am almost always busy doing one kind of activity or another so my  welcoming a New Group Member is kind of a rarity. I just feel in the mood and spirit to do so.

If you need to do so you can contact me privately. My nickname is Peta, so you can put Private Peta on the Subject line in the hope that it will catch my eye. I have a regular job, to to college part-time and am involved in other local community activities, including helping homeless addicts get involved in what I term progressive recovery. Plus, I try to keep a balance in my life and take time  for my own prayers, meditations and studies. So I am usually online posting, offlne writing or inline with what is happening in my personal private life.

I strongly believe in the Power of the Internet for expressing ourselves, for sharing information and for raising consciousness. I encourage you to do the same.

Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

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