Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read: [NetworkAztlan_News] Raza Press Update

Gracias Companero ~ This makes my day and renews my faith in the often quiet humble 'movimiento'. We all have much to learn, especially myself. I am looking forward to seeing the growth and expansion of the Raza Press and Media Association! Venceremos!

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Note: At first the Link below did not work because of the 'space' in the web address. Sometimes the diablo is in the details.

Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

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Subject: [NetworkAztlan_News] Raza Press Update

Raza Press and Media Association (RPMA) Update

Association of Raza Educators Conference
• On Feb. 28, 2009, the RPMA facilitated a workshop at the Association
of Raza Educators (ARE) Conference held in South Central Los Angeles,
at the campus of Santee High School. The workshop was titled
"Deconstruction of the Colonial Mind Through Critical Media Literacy".
Over 40 people attended the workshop, which was facilitated by RPMA
members, Antonio Velasquez and Ernesto Bustillos.

RPMA Web Page
• Our web page is updated regularly and we encourage all of members to
post material or links to where readers/viewers can see your work. Web
Page: razapressassociatio

Guerrillero/ as de La Pluma
• Our journal, Guerrillero/ as de La Pluma will be available by the end
of March 2009. The focus of these issues will be materials critiquing
Chicano Studies. Several members will be attending the National
Association of Chicano/a Studies (April 8 to 11, 2009, Newark, NJ).

Workshop on Writing Articles: Informative and Analytical
• La Verdad Newspaper Collective will facilitate a workshop on how to
write informational and analytical articles. The workshop is geared
toward activists doing media work or are interested in participating in
this kind of work. The workshop will ta
ke place on Saturday April 4th
from 10am-2pm, in San Diego. For specific information contact La
Verdad Publications at:
(619) 829-7130 or e-mail: difusion@uniondelba

RPMA General Meeting
• The next RPMA meeting will be held in San Diego, Califaztlan on April
18, 2009. The meeting will take place during the Annual Chicano Park
Day Celebration. Members will have a chance address RPMA business, as
well as attend the park celebration. A priority item to be discussed
at this meeting will be our Raza/Barrio Book Festival. An agenda for
the meeting, as well as location, will be available soon.


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