Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meth Bust Leaves Homeless Shelterless

Meth Bust Leaves Homeless Shelterless


story by: Corey Allan


OWENSBORO, KY - Being homeless is a challenge all on its own. But what if you were asked to move from your shelter early? Where do you turn to?

That's the question residents of St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter asked themselves last Friday morning. Their home became a hazmat decontamination area, after police say they caught resident Stephen Myers cooking meth inside.

"It was completely out of the blue. I mean nothing had ever happened like that in the three years we've been opened," said Coordinating Director for the shelter Kim Jagoe.

The seasonal shelter was scheduled to close at the end of the month. Now it sits a crime scene. Bring orange warning signs posted on the front door warning of the dangers still inside.

The residents had to be moved. One to the Pitino Shelter, four others to the Boulware Center.

"The rest are either on the street, there is a camp where they live on the river, or they're at a hotel waiting. We have them there till Sunday," said Jagoe.

After check out, then where? A worker I spoke with at Boulware says they take as many people in as they can after they pass a screening.

At Pitino's, a worker there told me they see a huge increase after St. Benedict closes for the summer.

Some will even break the law just to find a place to sleep.

"[One] was actually living in an apartment during the day where the individual was working. And he was sneaking into this apartment and living there. And the man didn't even know it," said Jagoe.

So is there a solution to this problem? Jagoe says a 24 hour walk-in shelter in Owensboro could. She went on to say St. Benedict would stay open as a walk-in shelter year round, but due to a lack of funding, donations and volunteers they only go from the first of November till the end of March.



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