Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's not be fooled...Re: [NetworkAztlan_News] Not good time for imm. reform: BIDEN

3-31-2009 @8:48 PM - PST

Gracias ~ Remember to try to put the websource link on the top in your post or somewhere on your post! I think this was posted earlier... anyways....

I think it would be good if those of us who are more knowledgeable about the main issues related to immigration reform and immigration legislation wrote up position papers that we could agree on and attempt to lobby to the Powers that Be and explain these position papers to our own gente.

I am not an expert in this area, that is, how to draft and propose immigration legislation, but I believe that with all the people that we have in this Group and the Network Aztlan Matrix that we could come up with something solvent we could agree on and propose for just, fair and humane immigration legislation, proposed legislation that is clear, concrete and comprehensive.

I myself believe in a General Amnesty for those who are already here inside the United States with an emphasis on families either here or in Mexico. Yes, those who are of Indigenous Native Ancestry should have an automatic General Amnesty.

It is a cruel joke of history that the descendants of a people who were originally foreign invaders of these lands and stole these lands from us ~ stole Aztlan! ~ have the Power of Decision as to who goes and who stays through their elected representatives when we of La Raza Cosmica are not even consulted as to our opinions on these matter because we are not on the main Governing Board enough to have a heavy immediate impact under the Obama Administration!!! AND I DON'T MEAN TOKENS WITH SPANISH-SURNAMES!

In the long range, the whole immigration rights issue is related to established international law and its bearing on U.S. jurisprudence. Does the U.S.A. feel bounded legally and morally by the accepted norms of international law?

Hell, the government of the U.S.A. did not even go by established international laws and standards of the Geneva Convention when its military forces and mercenary personnel engaged in torture in Iraq, committed renditions (kidnappings) and got away with other high crimes. We do not even know all that still goes on in the darkness!

ICE has been operating as a fascist goon squad for the government and though its fangs may be hidden and withdrawn for now they are still there sharp and poised. Even the term 'ICE' was meant to instill fear and paranoia in its targets. Our People!

A true humane legislation may not even be possible under the present power structure! Are we ever going to get rid of all national borders and really work together for the general peace and properity of all peoples of Mother Earth?!?!?

I will stop here. I am not the expert nor pretend to be. I know I am ignorant of all that I do not know. Those who have the real comprehensive answers and solutions to these critical immigration issues need to come up with them, share them with us at the website, establish a common agenda together with all of us and let us be able to point to a basic Plan of Action which we can work on together to educate the people, raise consciousness and seek to propose for immigration legislation to the Powers-that-Be!!!

If laws are unjust and unfair, at what point will we reconcile ourselves with being outlaws in relation to unjust anti-humane laws and repressive public policies?!?! Where are our sacred sanctuaries!!!???

Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta
Email: peter.lopez51@yahoo.com




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from reuters yesterday... . ... so lets not be fooled.
************ *****

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters) - The economic slump and soaring
unemployment in the United States mean this is not a good time to push
immigration reform, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Central American
leaders on Monday.

"It's difficult to tell a constituency while unemployment is rising,
they're losing their jobs and their homes, that what we should do is in
fact legalize (illegal immigrants) and stop all deportation, " Biden
told a news conference in the Costa Rican capital.

President Barack Obama said during his election campaign that he
supported comprehensive immigration reform, as countries like Mexico
have been urging for years.

Some 12 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, many from
Mexico and Central America. The economic crisis has made many U.S.
workers more hostile to legalizing those without papers.

"We believe, the president and I, that this problem can only be solved
in the context of an overall immigration reform," Biden said, asked
about the chances of extending temporary migrant protection programs.

"We need some forbearance as we try to put together a comprehensive
approach to deal with this."

Biden was in Costa Rica to meet Central American leaders at an informal
regional summit.

A comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws -- including plans for a
guest worker program -- was killed off by Republicans in the U.S.
Senate in 2007, although many Central Americans have been able to stay
in the United States under the Temporary Protected Status, or TPS,

(Reporting by John McPhaul; Editing by Eric Beech)

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