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Dorotha Lange Art Exhibit @ Sacra State

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Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange
Work by influential, Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange will be exhibited at Sacramento State's Library Gallery.

When: Tu-Sa, 10am-5pm through 3/7

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Ages: All ages

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Legendary Lange Great Depression photographer Dorothea Lange at the CSUS Library Gallery. SN&R, 02.12.09.

Dorothea Lange established herself as a successful portrait photographer in the early 20th century, taking pictures of wealthy and famous folks. But it was images captured for the federal Resettlement Administration, including the iconic "Migrant Mother," that made her work famous and gave a face to the Great Depression. The CSUS Library Gallery has culled some of her well-known and lesser-known photographs of migrant farmers and their shantytowns captured in California. You are hereby advised not to miss this show.
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"Colored family from near Houston, Texas. Been in California for two years. Husband came first, later sent for wife and two children, who traveled by bus (on licensed car, fare six dollars, traveling night and day). Husband now on Works Progress Administration (WPA)" by Dorothea Lange, photograph, 1939.
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Dorothea Lange
Tu-Sa, 10am-5pm through 3/7
Sacramento State University, 6000 J St., (916) 278-6997


Sacramento State University University Union
6000 J St..,
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 278-6997
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The Graduate Arts Students' gallery at Sac State.
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