Thursday, March 05, 2009

Check It Out: The Canary Effect!!!

DVD on Sale - special Student & Wholesale discount

Order your copy of THE CANARY EFFECT on DVD now! Specially priced for Students, Colleges, Libraries, Organizations, Educational entities and Stores/Wholesale offer Please Click Here for details.

Special 'Screening Package' - 5 DVD's + Screening Copy + The Bastard Fairies "Memento Mori" CD album promo - host your own scrreening it's really easy to do so through and then you can offer DVD's for sale to your attendees.


Welcome to the NEW Canary Effect Website

Welcome to the new website - THE CANARY EFFECT - Kill the Indian, Save the Man. DVD is finally available to Pre-Order! All orders will start shipping on December the 7th.

IMPORTANT: There will be a special link posted on Monday 26th under 'BUY DVD' for Wholesale Orders and for Students, Organizations, Libraries, Colleges, etc,. - with proof of ID the DVD will be offered at a very special discount price.


Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

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