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After One Month With Obama As President: by Peter S. Lopez

After One Month With Obama As President

2-22-2009 @7:04 AM ~ PST

President Obama has done a remarkable job so far as our New President. I am not under any false illusions about his being President, am glad that he was elected and believe that so far he is the best President that United States has ever had, especially in terms of his general progressive positions on issues of the times, although, not being in a perfect world, there are some serious drawbacks.

I am so glad that the Bush Regime is no longer in power with its Oval Office Cabal and President Obama looks like the knight in shining armor comes to rescue us in comparison. After Fuhrer Bush just about anyone could be a better President because Fuhrer Bush was so disastrous and appalling as a mean villain who possibly had and has learning dis abilities and psychological issues he needed to address but never did.

To me, there are two major areas that Obama is failing in: namely the continued U.S. role in the Middle East in Afghanistan and Iraq and still having no humane immigration policy towards undocumented so-called alien workers inside the United States. These are his Archilles Hells!

Why must the U.S.A. and it's failed policies be repeated and go unlearned decades after the Vietnam War?!?! By many estimates that are from 15-20 million technically illegal immigrants inside the continental United States. What line does the U.S. government propose to put them in?!? How far has the apparently liberal voting U.S. general population evolved beyond the racist-nationalist Go Back To Mexico mentality of past decades?!?!

United States: Can The Obama Administration Achieve Immigration Reform? Yes It Can! (Maybe)
20 February 2009 ~
Article by Declan P. Mumford and Peter A. Yost

Yes, Obama becoming President has been a great quantum improvement over the failed state of the rogue Bush Regime, but let us not be under any false illusions or like children believe in fairy tales.

The people's basic survival needs still need to be address by positive progressive elements inside and outside the United States, that is, core survival  issues of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and basic education need to be discussed. Plus, U.S. policy needs to be re-analyzed and changed in positive directions that promote construcftive communications with all governments, organizations and special interest groups. Who determines who are our enemies and who are our friends? Each of us must make up our own minds as humane independent thinkers, not fascist parrots of whoever is 'in power and secure'.

The present situation in the nation and from a global overview mandates that we all see and come to know that the real truth is in the center of connected reality, neither left nor right-wing. Clearly we must learn to understand the role of mass media, the positive aspecfts of purpose-driven propaganda and the power of the word without subconscious prejudice or narrow minded mentalities.

Do we genuinely love the people or not? If we are motivated by an unconditional love for the people what can we do on the local, regional and global level to help the people in their quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? We cannot look for political parties or great leaders to lead us out of this mess of madness the world is in. We must look within ourselves, resolve our own character issues, eliminate our own character defects and strive to be true humane beings with an undying love for all poor and oppressed-repressed peoples.

There is a lot of chaos and confusion in the world today. Many seek false escape through drugs (prescribed or not), alcohol and other intoxicants. Others escape through idle distractions of no significance via empty entertainment. Many of us are so busy living hand-to-mouth that we are just trying to survive with a semblance of sanity infact and make it through the day. Some people suffer from information overload that leaves their minds befuddled and others liteally die for lack of real knowledge!!!

What are you doing to make the world a better safer place to be for all of us? The whole world needs a lot of serious spiritual healing and redemption. Let us begin in our own homes (if you even have one), let us start with our own often neglected family members, in our own local communities amng our neighbors who may be total strangers living right ned door and have a heart open for helping others in whatever ways we can that are basic, practical and meaningful.

On the cosmic and quantum levels we should comprehend that we are all in this life together, that each of us is a drop in the ocean of humanity, a gene strand in the global gene pool and intrinsically interconnected with each other at one level or another of life existence.

President Obama alone cannot save us, but when we come together we can be one and do what we can to save all of humanity and help make this a better, safer cleaner world in our lifetime!

Join Up! Join a meaningful movement! Galvanize your own group! Get involved with a relevant political party! If need be, start your own matrix, use your native intelligence and higher imagination with bold courage ! Above all, come to love yourself with purity, love and accept all people with whom you share common dreams!

Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez
Sacramento, California, Aztlan


Education for Liberation! Join Up!
Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

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