Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

@6:45 AM ~ I am glad to report the best news I have heard for a long time: BARACK OBAMA is now President-elect of the United States of America. A few years back, I never thought I would see an African-American/Black President in my lifetime or certainly not so soon. I feel like an eight-year long political depression under the fascist Bush Regime has been lifted and feel a renewed sense of hope, direction and purpose.

I am proud of the American people and their ability to overcome any racism against Black people in particular and specifically President-elect Obama's being African-American. It has given me a renewed hope in America and its ability to change, to grow and to develop as a nation of people among other nations. A nation that is still often divided based upon different kinds of divisions yet was able to come together and to vote in the majority for Barack Obama in the popular vote and decisively won the Electoral College (which should be abolished).

270 Needed to Win

Obama (D) - 349 votes

McCain (R) - 147 votes

The extreme left in Amerika, of which I use to consider myself a part of years back, has been proven wrong by the course of a dynamic history that moves on and a spark of humanity that has boldness, courage and perseverance. The whole concept of left vs. right needs to be banished from our minds, it is a European one that is now antiquated and out of date in this new Millennium. Ultimately, it is all an equation of what is humanly right versus what is humanely wrong. We should always identify ourselves as humane beings first and foremost, not rabid ideologues of any one racial-ethnic group, political party or political leaning. We are cosmic spirits in human bodies having human experiences. The truth is in the center of connected reality, not excluded to left or right.

The whole liberation movement inside the United States and throughout the world must be re-analyzed in the light of changed historical circumstances if it is to be relevant to the vast majority of the people of Mother Earth who live and toil in the Third World of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Naturally we will need to engage President-elect Obama on humane rights issues, including the humane rights of homeless refugees, the humane rights of illegal immigrants and the basic humane rights of all peoples beyond artificial man-made borders imposed by an unjust military-backed power. We cannot afford to be naïve and we should not scatter our meager forces in internal endless debates and petty differences. The people's struggle continues as it always does, but now it is on a new plane, a new playing field and we need to engage in new analyses and new actions that correctly relate to and response to changed circumstances.

Latino people inside the United States must reach out their hands and hearts to all peoples around the globe, Chicanos must rise above illusionary narrow-minded cultural nationalism and all of us must come to find the basic humaneness within ourselves. Mexicans in Amerika must find innovative ways to integrate themselves in U.S. society.. We are already here in thriving millions and we are not going back to Mexico!!!

The basics of our survival as a species always remain the basics: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. The central question is: How do we go about meeting our basic survival needs?

Politics is still war without bloodshed. Vanguard leadership must be lead the way or it will itself become an irrelevant joke, a mirage of what could have been and in need of critical replacement by new warriors-leaders with minds, hands and resolved spirits who have a high level of self-esteem, who are able to solve problems, overcome obstacles and forge new alliances with all who share our basic beliefs and survival needs.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes and seize the time!

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Sen. Barack Obama addresses the crowd after becoming the first African-American president in U.S. history.

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The day America met Barack Obama

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win Together!

Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

Humane Liberation Party

Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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