Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ron> [NetworkAztlan_News] STOP the ICE RAIDS!! Organizing meeting Oct. 1st in LA!! 6:00PM!

9-30-08 @9:00 AM PST ~
Gracias Hermano Ron ~ The whole immigration issue is too hot to handle for the current Presidential candidates and none of them have a comprehensive immigration reform plan that would be fair, just and humane to all parties concerned. We should support the idea of at least a temporary amnesty, a suspension of ICE raids and re-build the Sanctuary Movement. We need to give refuge to the refugees, create and expand our own underground railroads and protect our own people by any means mandatory!
The natural laws of nature, the laws of Creator God and the humane rights upheld by the basis principles of international law support the humane doctrine of immigrant rights in harmony with basic humane rights. These natural divine laws supercede national laws. We can, must and should be able to explain to the people the legitimacy of a general amnesty for undocumented workers. We need to build solid bridges, not porous walls. Our vile repressors respect no borders or boundaries why should we?

We need to utilize our local churches and other safe places of refuge for those who refuse to bend to the dictaters of an unjust social order because they need and want to support the survival of their families!

The U.S.A. government is a rogue failed state! We need to utilize all available resources available to us: local community education; one-on-one conversations with others; the Power of the Internet via websites, blogs, groups and videos; unite with others based upon a common humane rights agenda and not let the demons who reign in these troubled times divide us based upon top surface labels of race, tribe or political party affiliation.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Come Together and Create! Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta
Humane-Liberation-Party Email: sacranative@yahoo.com Sacramento, California, Aztlan

--- On Tue, 9/30/08, Ron Gochez <mexicanoatucla@aol.com> wrote:
From: Ron Gochez <mexicanoatucla@aol.com>
Subject: [NetworkAztlan_News] STOP the ICE RAIDS!! Organizing meeting Oct. 1st in LA!! 6:00PM!
Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 8:23 AM

The MIGRA (ICE) is incrementing their Raids in our communities! !! We have to build up the resistance so that we can eventually kick them out of our streets! The countries economy is supposedly going down the tubes but they seem to have plenty of $$$ for more ICE Raids!!!

If you are SERIOUS about organizing against the Migra (ICE), join the Frente Contra las Redadas! We are currently organizing another Community Forum to invite lawyers to come out and educate our community about their rights! Come help out!! We are ALL busy people...enough with our excuses! Let's get to work!
We have to organize in our communities!

Meetings are open to everyone! See you at the meeting!

What: General Meeting: Frente Contra las Redadas- South Central
When: Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 6:00PM
Where: Santee Education Complex (1921 Maple Ave. LA, CA 90011) Washington/Maple in the Library
Who: Everyone who wants to organize against the Migra Raids is welcomed
Why: Because the ICE/Migra continues to terrorize our communities and we need to be organized to be able to defend our communities from deportations/ family separations.

Ron Gochez
Social Justice Educator/Community Organizer
Frente Contra las Redadas- South Central
Union Del Barrio- Los Angeles

State wide immig ratio n raids resul t in 1, 157 arres ts
http: / / www. latim es. com/ news/ local / la- me- raids 30- 2008s ep30, 0, 63982 66. story

Feder al agent s targe t those who ignor ed depor tatio n order s or retur ned to the U.S. illeg ally. More than 400 are arres ted in the Los Angel es area.

By Franc isco Vara- Orta, Los Angel es Times Staff Write r
Septe mber 29, 2008
Feder al immig ratio n agent s arres ted more than 1, 150 peopl e in the large st colle ctive sweep by speci alize d enfor cemen t teams in Calif ornia , autho ritie s said today .

The sweep targe ted those who ignor ed depor tatio n order s or retur ned to the Unite d State s illeg ally after being depor ted, said U.S. Immig ratio n and Custo ms Enfor cemen t spoke swoma n Virgi nia Kice.

The raids , which ended Satur day, produ ced 436 arres ts in the San Franc isco area, 420 in the Los Angel es area and 301 in the San Diego area.

Of the 1, 157 illeg al immig rants arres ted state wide, 595 had outst andin g depor tatio n order s and 346 had prior crimi nal convi ction s, Kice said. Those arres ted come from 34 count ries.

The squad s respo nsibl e for the arres ts, known as fugit ive opera tions teams , were devel oped in 2003 to focus on appre hendi ng forei gn natio nals who have ignor ed final order s of depor tatio n or have retur ned to the U.S. illeg ally after being depor ted, Kice said.

The cases at the top of their list invol ve those wante d or convi cted in viole nt or drug- relat ed crime s, agenc y offic ials said.

" Indiv idual s who defy immig ratio n court order s to leave the count ry need to under stand there are conse quenc es for willf ully disre gardi ng the law, " said Depar tment of Homel and Secur ity Assis tant Secre tary Julie L. Myers , who overs ees the feder al immig ratio n agenc y.

Kice relea sed detai ls of two arres ts in the L.A. area.

Jose Avila , a Mexic an natio nal whose crimi nal histo ry inclu des prior convi ction s for lewd acts invol ving a child and batte ry, was arres ted Sept. 15 in Santa Fe Sprin gs.

The 41- year- old was turne d over to the Los Angel es Count y Sheri ff's Depar tment on an outst andin g warra nt for makin g a terro rist threa t, Kice said. After he is relea sed by local autho ritie s, Avila will be retur ned to feder al custo dy for prose cutio n on felon y charg es of reent ering the count ry after his depor tatio n last year.

In North Holly wood, Ramon Cedan o, 47, a previ ously depor ted Mexic an natio nal with a prior convi ction for selli ng heroi n, was arres ted Sept. 11 at his home.

Cedan o was turne d over to the Los Angel es Polic e Depar tment on an outst andin g drug warra nt. Once he's turne d back over to the immig ratio n depar tment , he will be prose cuted for reent ering the count ry after depor tatio n, a felon y charg e that carri es a maxim um sente nce of 20 years in priso n.

In recen t years , the immig ratio n agenc y has heigh tened enfor cemen t at facto ries, offic es and homes . In the Los Angel es regio n and surro undin g areas , there are seven activ e fugit ive opera tions teams that have condu cted raids : four based in Los Angel es Count y, two in the Inlan d Empir e and one in Orang e Count y. Immig ratio n offic ials have said they are going to add a eight h team, which would be based in Ventu ra Count y.

franc isco. varao rta@ latim es. com

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