Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day 2006: Sacramento, California

TOP: La Raza Cosmica Marching east on 'L' Street...

NEXT: A couple of Companeras holding a good banner that says:
Deportacon No Es La Solucion"

THEN: Gente gathering by the corner of 10th and 'L' Streets...

NEXT: People gathering at the steps of the State Capitol

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NEXT: Picture of the MECHA Emblem... being held by Mechistas...

THEN: Shouts of Si Se Puede! filled the air in front of the California State Capitol Building with a good sign that reads "Human Rights Have No Borders!"

NEXT: A good picture of the thousands of La Raza Cosmica still pouring towards the State Capitol today facing east towards the Tower Bridge from the steps of the State Capitol!...

BOTTOM: A raised fist showing both the United States and Mexican Flags!

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