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Amerkan Troops War Criminals!?!?!?!?!? =04-03-2006

Late Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning

Subject: Amerkan Troops War Criminals!?!?!?!?!?

Sunday Night ~ Gracias Puma Claw for speaking your mind, expressing your truth as you see it, and bringing up some extremely foul and fascinating ethnical-humane questions that will come more and more into the forethought of retarded Amerikan public opinion as time goes by and becomes hindsight, as the Amerikan Iraqi Occupation get more evil, insane and outrageous on different levels and as the righteous American people WAKE UP AND TAKE A STAND AGAINST AN EVIL WAR LED BY EVIL MEN.

Must Amerikan Military Might re-learn the lessons of Vietnam by the useless human sacrifices of young idealist macho wanna’ be Amerikan boys, again??? A true man fights the right just war!
If the Iraqi Resistance at all levels becomes increasingly shrewd, scientific and selective, not random and arbitrary; as it gets smarter and stronger with increasingly mass popular support and truly becomes a People’s War, then it will shatter once-and-for-all the already shaky Amerikan Military Confidence and the myth of the Amerikan Military Machine being omnipotent or all-powerful in the ancient lands of Babylon!!! Kruel Katrina revealed much to those who saw the pictures on TV and exposed Amerika’s vulnerability. She was a bad bitch but taught the wise a lot of truth.

There are some striking parallels between Vietnam and Iraqnam along with some obvious key differences. One of them is that Amerikan soldiers in Iraq JOINED the military and/or the national guard. They were NOT DRAFTED!

The 60, 000 + lessons of 60, 000 + dead Amerikan soldiers from Vietnam would of convinced even the meanest street/village bully, but not our dear boys. The Amerkan soldiers in Iraqnam function the same as immoral paid mercenaries in a foreign occupying army. Whoever makes it back alive will need to be truly educated about just and unjust wars for starters!

No matter the circumstances, we should not copy the cruelty of the Evil Ones we oppose. All governments no matter the set of circumstances should treat all enemy soldiers captured humanely as a matter of humane principles, despite Geneva protocol that the U.S.A. routinely ignores. In all the actions of the Native Resistance, there should be basic moral, ethnical and humane ground rules, except in true special emergency circumstances.

FLASHBACK:In the mid-60’s, when I first heard the term ‘Vietnam’ I thought my folks were talking about a new kind of Chinese food because we use to go to the Hong Kong Café on Broadway & 5th Street by where I now live. No kidding! When guys started getting DRAFTED I sensed something was wrong and later found out something was terribly wrong. At the time, I registered for the DRAFT as a Conscientious Objector to All Wars. Fortunately, I was never DRAFTED and if I had been I would have been a DRAFT RESISTOR!

1961... South Vietnam… arrival of U.S. support troops… U.S. Senate passed the Tonkin Gulf resolution on Aug. 7, 1964… at the request of President Johnson… early 1965, U.S. began air raids on North Vietnam and on Communist-controlled areas in the South (read insurgents)… by 1966... 190,000 U.S. troops in South Vietnam… growing U.S. troop commitment… reached nearly 550,000 in 1969... election 1967 of Thieu as president, the United States and South Vietnam were unable to defeat the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces. Optimistic U.S. military reports were discredited in Feb., 1968, by the costly and devastating Tet offensive (Dien Bien Phu) of the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong…

Thus, I opposed the Vietnam War and was actively involved in the Chicano Anti-War Moratorium on the local level and in California statewide. I knew American involvement in Vietnam was DEAD WRONG, that it was an UNJUST WAR and had read Vo Nguyen Giap’s PEOPLE’S ARMY, PEOPLE’S WAR, then, I knew for sure that Amerika would not and could not win against a valid PEOPLE’S ARMY, PEOPLE/S WAR. I READ GIAP’S BOOK!
RECALL: April 30, 1975 - At 8:35 a.m., the last Americans, ten Marines from the U.S. Embassy, depart Saigon, concluding the United States presence in Vietnam. North Vietnamese troops pour into Saigon and encounter little resistance. By 11 a.m., the red and blue Viet Cong flag flies from the presidential palace. President Minh broadcasts a message of unconditional surrender. The war is over.

FLASHBACK: AFTER the Vietnam War in the summer of 1975 I JOINED the U.S.A.F. and had the highest test scores of all the guys I talked to at Oakland Induction Cener. I took my solemn Oath from a Marine with right-hands raised and had a going away party {my rifle and stuff went to ‘primos’ in Mexico, but that‘s another story}.

Alas, a few days before I was scheduled to go in as an Assistant to a high-ranking officer in November ’75, I got a call from the Air Force Base in Lackland, Texas by the Navy! Why the Navy? Do Americans know what the Navy really does? I was told I would NOT be allowed to activate. They had connected me with a lightweight white radical student group while I was going to Sacramento Senior High School. I graduated in June 1969.

Thus, my actual entry into the U.S. military was blocked ‘for the convenience of the government’… their term I saw on typed paper from them, but they did send an Official Honorable Discharge that I burned without ceremony. Hell, I’m left-handed anyways!



I write these words not to indulge my individualism, but to make it obvious that I have some deep strong personal opinions on the issue of the culcability of Amerikan soldiers in Iraq today.
I wanted to share my spin as to why I feel and think as I do.

I am a warrior by nature, blood and breeding! I am not a spinless pacifist! I cherish true Peace On Mother Earth! I wish for it in vain every Chritmas and never get it. True peace is more than the mere absence of warfare.

Sometmes for a few moments I actually feel a passing peace of mind, a wave of wonder and rapture of relaxation. Only for a few moments. Connected reality crashes in and has a way of disturbing my peace space, especially the ghastly global scene and the situation in this sick nation.

Passionate liberals need to get wake up, get the real deal and quit playing the role of a slutty sleeping beauty! We should be radical about the quest for truth in our questions and act with boldness baesd upon our native intelligence and principled compassion.

No humane being should participate in an unjust war. For us not to stand up for the truth, for us not to wage a Native Resistance to an unjust war is to be an accomplice to mass murder!

In Iraq today, American troops are objectively acting as war criminals and if they have actually committed any verifiable murderous feloncious crimes then they should face prosecution!

We had Navi Germany, we had Vietnam War, no one can claim ignorance who has any contact with connected reality if they have a U.S. weapon in a War Zone!

Join the Native Resistance!
Suppose All Legitimate Resistance!

Insurgente Peter S. Lopez
Humane Liberation Party
Sacramento, Califas, Aztlan

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From: "Puma Claw"
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 22:56:15 -0500
Subject: [Talking-Circle] Fw: Lethal and Inappropiate

Puma Claw wrote:

Well, I can't say that I empathize with our troops. Yeah, maybe they want to come home but I'm not sure I even want them here. I mean, why should I want those war criminals to move into my neighborhood? After all, they ran over there against my expressed wishes, so why should I even give a shit about them? I told them not to run over there in the first place, so screw them. All our troops did was take the money out of the mouths of children on welfare here to get to run to the Middle East and murder children over there.

Our troops wanted to go over there to "kick Iraqi ass," as they expressed it back in 2003, they wanted to slaughter Iraqi civilians, and now they're whining? About what? That the Iraqi fight back to defend themselves and their children against this horde of invading terrorists from America? After all, if our troops had kept their asses here in America, none of these atrocities in Iraq would have ever even happened. End of story.

I'm still sitting here remembering when those college grads in our USAF had nothing better to do with their time and their degree but to fly bombers over Baghdad sortie after sortie and relentlessly dump 11K tons of DU explosives on the heads of the civilian population there during that shock and awe crap alone. And our pilots were grinning and waving when they returned from bombing little children while the female reporters from CNN got all giddy about the pilots waving at them. One female pilot bragged about having flown 30 sorties where she had dumped explosives on the children in Baghdad. There was never any excuse for this behavior yet our pilots enjoyed every minute of that massacre where they murdered 10,000 Iraqi people right off the bat while sending another 100,000 to hospitals which they bombed later. The majority of those poor people were children -- considering that 50% of Iraq's population is under 15 years old. Each one of those bomber pilots should spend the rest of his/her life in prison.

It was, after all, the US military who waxed piously at the Nuremberg Trials stating that following orders is no excuse and no legal defense either. Well, here we are to tell those flight-officers from the USAF the fact that Bush gave those orders was no excuse and constitutes no legal defense for massacring all these Iraqi minors in Baghdad with their bombing exercises. You see, those bombs don't just fall on a city by themselves, some pilot is flying that plane.

While Rice stands there and has the nerve to claim that the war against Iraq just somehow fell into our lap, may I remind everybody that this is not the case. Wars don't just happen, somebody starts them. The war against Iraq was started by the US -- BOTH TIMES. And yes, the old Bush already lied about things back then. Did the US or Bush want to attack Iraq? Obviously That war didn't start by itself.

Did our troops want to attack Iraq? Well, obviously or they wouldn't have done it. So now they're getting tired of it? What exactly are they getting tired of? The fact that the Iraqi fight back by taking potshots at our troops? I have news for our terrorists in uniform: I've been sick and tired of their behavior in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq for the last 4 years already. I still have no clue why our troops even ran to Afghanistan let alone Iraq.

Sure sure, they tell us all about 9/11, but yeah, what about 9/11? Nobody ever even claimed that the Afghani people or even the Afghani government had anything to do with 9/11. What did 9/11 have to do with Afghanistan anyway? That their government didn't extradite Osama binLadin? Well, aside from the fact that the US never even bothered to send an official extradition request to Kabul in the first place, ObL lived in Pakistan at the time anyway. Besides, Bush can't even prove that ObL was involved in 9/11 and we all know it. And Iraq wasn't involved in 9/11 to begin with.

Then again, there are terrorists living in the US which this country doesn't extradite, so I guess other countries can just come here and bomb the hell out of us too followed by having their troops search everybody's closet for the offenders. After all, I have yet to see the US extradite even the first terrorist to Cuba for trial there, and that's only one country.

Yanno, our troops made their own bed, so they can good and well lie in it. Not only did I not tell them to go over there, I also didn't ask them to massacre the people over there and in general to behave the way they did and still do. Remember those two GIs who were strolling around in Baghdad beer in one hand a loaded rifle in the other? Then they went into the zoo and shot the lion in there. I don't think I really want those guys back here running around boozing with a loaded rifle and gun down zoo animals in their cages. If anything, I'm all for taking those two jerks and putting them into a zoo cage with the lions. Those two GIs knew good and well that here in the US their behavior would be illegal and for good reason, so why should the people in Iraq put up with this? And to think, some American mothers actually raised those two jerks.

And that's the "poor babes" who are whining about wanting to come home? Naw folks, I think Abu Ghraib would be a good place for them, and be sure their guards are the same Iraqi who had been tortured by the US military there. While I suspect that most of the behavior of our troops over there has nothing whatsoever to do with following any orders, even if they had orders to this effect, there's no reason why a civilized individual would carry out such questionable orders.

So nope, our troops over there can go to hell and rot there for all I care. Without their willingness to commit these atrocities, the atrocities wouldn't have been committed. Without their willingness to massacre the Afghani and Iraqi people, the war would never even have started. After all, I seriously doubt that Ms. Rice, any of the Bushes, Cheney, Blair, or anybody else in that outfit would have gone over there and done the dirty work themselves. Naw, they sent their enablers over there to do it, and I can't get up any empathy for the enablers. End of story.

George Bush--Lethal and Inappropriate by Missy Comley Beattie

[Missy Beattie lives in New York City. She's written for National Public Radio and Nashville Life Magazine. An outspoken critic of the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq, she's a member of Gold Star Families for Peace. She completed a novel last year, but since the death of her nephew, Marine Lance Cpl. Chase J. Comley, in Iraq on August 6,'05, she has been writing political articles.]

Note: I could not find her Email @ websource.- PSL

In attempt after attempt to gain support for the war, George Bush is blaming Saddam Hussein for the chaos in Iraq. Calling Saddam "a tyrant who used violence to exacerbate sectarian divisions to keep himself in power," Bush is only indulging his base. They're the only ones with whom he has any credibility and continue to believe that we're making "progress" simply because the president says the word about a gazillion times in each speech he gives before a robotic audience.

Our soldiers are weary and want to come home. Having sacrificed so much, most ground troops report little achievement in the Bush Administration's Iraq plan-or lack thereof. The Iraqi people say they were better off under Saddam. Yes, they feared him, but now they're even afraid of their neighbors. Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the women had rights which are no longer available to them. The only measurable "progress" in Iraq is shown in the war profiteers' increased wealth.

So many of us could repeat what the president has said about Saddam, substituting Bush's name for Hussein's. "George is a tyrant who used violence to exacerbate sectarian divisions to keep himself in power."

Like a dog in heat, Bush pursued the occupation of Iraq, a catastrophic endeavor of greed and hubris. Did Karl Rove tell him that Americans usually return an incumbent to office during a war? Those opposed to Operation Iraqi Freedom were outnumbered by people who were intimidated by the Bush team's repeat of: "9/11, 9/11, be afraid, vote for a Democrat and we'll have another attack," and "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." We do know with certainty that Rove successfully quashed reports before the 2004 election that Bush rushed to war with faulty intelligence despite the advice of experts who told the president that Iraq posed no threat to the US.

And, then, there are those wedge issues, devoured to the bone by the politicos and mainstream media in the buildup to an election. Abortion and gay marriage. The Bushies pitted us against each other with images of dead fetuses and two men or two women locked in an embrace and even (gasp) kissing. The electorate is always swift-boated, our senses bloated with matters that will rarely affect our lives. Those problems that do (healthcare, education, poverty) are submerged as candidates debate the topics that bring us to a fever pitch of us vs. them. Prepare yourselves for a new wave of this as the midterms approach. What you won't see are pictures of flag-draped coffins. These might upset the children and cause the adults to question the human cost of the invasion of Iraq.

Meanwhile, George Bush, who is passing the war baton to the next president in this relay race to deliver The Project for the New American Century, has been making the rounds to promote his disaster in the Middle East. He's talking 9/11, terrorists, and Iraq in the same sentence, followed by photo-op jokes that really aren't funny. Instead, they are excruciatingly inappropriate. The crawler tells us of more troop deaths while the hunks and hunkettes who are supposed to be reporting the news but fail us so miserably are chuckling about George's latest gig (pre-Cancun) when he referenced his body in a Speedo. Isn't Bush a laugh riot?

What does it matter that our president can't debate his way out of a wet paper bag when he can joke a path to its exit? I'm sure Mommy Dearest who is just as inappropriate as her son is laughing. Oh, those Bush genes. They must be loaded with threads of absolutely hilarious DNA.

For so many of us, though, George W. Bush is about as funny as a funeral.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

"More people will believe a big lie than a little one"
- Adolph Hitler, ca 1939 - ?



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these assholes didn't learn a thing about Nam---they were all draft dodgers exxcept for Powell--the real lesson of Nam is we can't defeat a guerilla army with modern forces.