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Bush budget targets 141 programs, blows out FDR's brain.+ Response

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This run-down of just some of the programs being eliminated and crippled by Bush is truly something to behold. From my limited life experience I can already size up the human effects some of this will have: all those inner-city youth in Boston who I helped tutor at my university a couple semester via GEAR-UP - POOF. All those people taking English and GED courses at the literacy center in the town next to mine where I volunteered in high school - POOF. The alternative high-school kids who were participating a poetry slam event I covered - POOF.

Seriously, how does anyone get away with this? Oh, right, I remember - there is no opposition party.

Meanwhile, you have all kinds of Americans lining up to join the new Protestant megachurches, all wowed and falling over themselves with joy at the social services these institutions provide - crumbs doled out from the cake the government steals from the budget. These are not tiny cuts we're talking about here either. This is taking FDR, strapping him to his wheelchair, and blowing his brains out. Imagine the hordes that will come running into more of these faith-based follies once their current lives crash in on them.

I'm not the first to say it and call me alarmist if you like, but in my opinion, we are fast heading toward a state of permanentized fascism - without all the violent class struggle that preceded Hitler's ascension, and without going to war with any powerful countries. It's like, Fascism Done Right. (TM)

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    Bush budget targets 141 programs for elimination or drastic cutbacks

          By Kate Randall
          13 February 2006

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The Bush administration released a detailed list Thursday of the federally funded programs it wants to cut or eliminate outright from its proposed 2007 budget. The White House has embarked on a public relations campaign to promote its budget plan, which must be approved by Congress.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) list includes 91 programs to be killed off altogether and another 50 slated for major cutbacks. The administration aims to trim an estimated $15 billion in spending on these “discretionary” programs, i.e., programs which must be funded by Congress every year.

These proposed cuts are in addition to the main target of cutbacks—entitlement programs, whose funding is mandatory. Bush seeks to cut $65 billion in these programs over the next five years, more than half—$36 billion—from Medicare, the federal program that provides health care to an estimated 42 million seniors and disabled people.

While the $2.77 trillion budget proposed by Bush on Monday would ravage a range of programs relied upon by millions of working families, retirees and the poor, it would increase military spending by 4.8 percent—to a record $439 billion. The administration will ask for an additional $70 billion in spending, not included in the $439 billion Pentagon appropriation, for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is on top of $50 billion in supplemental funding for the two wars approved by Congress only last December.


Date: 02-15-2006 ~ After Midnight

Response: Gracias Hermano Dan E. for sharing! Alas, Valentine’s Day is over so there is no need for undue romanticism. I felt obligated to respond to your Email to you and others, plus, pass it on to a few other groups.

For now, we are blessed to have Internet Power to transmit communications and it does seem that humane activists on the Internet are usually at the forefront of the learning curve. Of course, this is because different minds are coming together to reason out the many ‘issues in question’. No one has a monopoly on truth and the more I learn the less I realize I know, especially about ever shifting current events. Thus, we should all remain teachable.

Keep in mind that there are many right-wing reactionary activists who are far better financed and condoned by Amerikan Fascism. Thus, one being an activist does not mean one is on ‘our side’ if we are ourselves are on the same side, which I sometimes doubt!  

The so-called Left-Wing Movement inside the United States is extremely divided and many ‘popular’ groups are dominated by ego-centric males who do not really comprehend the essential spiritual component of true revolutionary change and transformation. Revolutionary women are fast becoming better humane leaders than men to help balance the odds of Ultimate Victory in our favor. We must first change and transform ourselves, get rid of our own character defects and stifle our own shortcomings ‘in the process’ of transforming connected reality or we will just end up with a new batch of Evil Powerful Fools worse than the ones we seek to topple now!

In relation to Amerikan Fascism we should all comprehend without reactionary reservations that we are already living under a mature fascism inside the United States, in fact, fascism in its most advanced form is already HERE NOW and has actually been around for decades. It is just becoming more blatant and exposed more these days in desperation due to the Oval Office Cabal follies. Nevertheless, Amerikan Fascism is still ‘in power and secure’.

Unfortunately, many good people have silly stereotype notions of fascism with images of Hitler, goose-stepping Nazis troops and the Swastika. Amerikan Fascism is sly, scientific and in control of the largest military arsenal in all of human history, including a vast mind-altering propaganda machine. It is keenly aware of the powers of fascist-engineered mass psychology. In fact, we would be vain and naïve to assume that we will always have the Internet Power that we do now in order to transmit ideas and ideals such as these.

For example, pressured by Amerikan Fascism, MSN and Yahoo have already rolled over and taken it calmly in the ass. Google it putting up a feint battle about its own Information Government, but it too has compromised vaulted Freedom of Speech principles with its business in revisionist China with all their massive data banks. Corporate greed often overcomes ethics. It will get far worse before it gets any better.

For further research check out:
The Nazi Hydra in America: An online book exposing the influence of fascism within the United States and the effect it has exerted on foreign and domestic policies.

The War in Iraq Costs: A running total of the U.S. taxpayer cost of the Iraq War number based on Congressional appropriations as of today is already over:
$240,991,780,850 {02-14-2006 @11:24 pm}

Sadly, as briefly mentioned above, there is no strong opposition party. I myself am ‘in the process’ of building up one called the Humane Liberation Party and I have committed myself to it being a lifelong endeavor. Faint hearts frozen in fear never win decisive battles.

Humane Liberation Party Portal:

It will be a small localized ‘educational vanguard party’ with the lumpen-proletarian class as its class of origin, as was the Black Panther Party, and we have has a basic 5-Point Survival Platform.

A Relevant Revolution ~ which entails a transformation of present-day property relations ~ begins in the streets, not safely online in Groups or via websites. It will be a democratic socialist revolution! Thus, those who are paranoid of the S-word or even the C-word can stay at home in their shacks with the shakes spawned by Puppet-Fuhrer Bush. In fact, American Leftist should focus on felonious corporate crimes, not always be in reaction mode to the Bush Agenda.

Here now, there is no great Third Party Alternative to the two-headed monster of the Democratic and Republican Parties. I strongly suggest we not hold our breaths about there being one in the foreseeable future. The Democratic Party is more susceptible to meaningful change from within but we must see its limitations and vulnerability to fascist co-optation no matter how many liberals join it. Money talks, bullshit walks.

There will be a growing urgent need for many different parties and interest groups to VOTE in a COLLECTIVE COMMON UNITED FRONT! The more the merrier!

A true democracy would be a participatory democracy, not a corporate dominated representative democracy as we have now. In other words, true patriotic American people will have to get off their lazy asses and participate in making a new democracy in connected reality or they deserve the ghastly government we suffer from now as ‘evils are sufferable’ by them or US. You gotta wonder about a people who always think they are US as in United States. The USA is not the center of the cosmos!

White liberals will not make the revolution. I have more faith in the majority of the people of the vast Third World in Latin America, Africa and Asia, not apathetic White Amerika, then, I have an enduring faith in straight up White radicals who are not afraid of using the term ‘radical’.

A Relevant Revolution will require a multi-issue and multi-racial approach to the general situation, not each little isolated group waving its own little flag as we get ambushed one-by-one or die alone.

A Relevant Revolution will have no artificial borders; no single central party; and its only flag will be a bloody rag once used as a tourniquet for a wounded comrade after an inner-city urban skirmish.

On a global level when we speak of ‘the majority of the people’ we must speak of the Third World of Latin America, Africa and Asia, plus, the millions of Third World peoples inside the United States who daily struggle for survival as internal colonies in the barrios and ghettos of the continental United States. The Third World will make the revolution and it must be a worldwide revolution for it to achieve Ultimate Victory! Venceremos Unidos!

Combat Amerikan Fascism!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
HELP Field Coordinator
Sacramento, California, USA

P.S. I hate to pop anyone’s floppy bubble but FDR was the first Fascist President! The New Deal was the classic case of fascist reform. Recall: the U.S. Constitution was changed after his death.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd President of the United States

Presidential Term Limits:

P.S.S. Good luck and good night!

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