Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bolivian cloth makers exercise their right to protest!

Indigenous Aymara women protest holding signs that read 'No to Used Clothing in Bolivia' and 'We Reject American Trash' in La Paz, Bolivia!

Que Viva Las Mujeres de Bolivia! El futuro!
{Wednesday, Feb.15, 2006}

Bolivian cloth makers protest during a rally in the center of La Paz, February 15, 2006.

Thousands of demonstrators protested at the imports of second-hand clothing, which opponents say are harming the country's textile industry. REUTERS/David Mercado

Reuters - Wed Feb 15, 11:49 AM

Comment: Ajua! Yes, in Bolivian people have the right to protest without being targeted by the evil forces of repression as we have here in the USA. So far so good!

Let us not be fools and forget the past historical lessons of Arbenz in Guatemala, Pincochet in Chili and many other Amerikan violent military interventions and sneaky coup-de-etats in Latin Amerika.

Let us hope that Che Evo and the Bolivian People can continue to boldly hold onto their People's Government and avoid the pitfalls, landmines and jungle traps ahead.

We can be sure that the Oval Office Cabal misled by Fuhrer-Puppet Bush is plotting against their continued progress. All is not said and done. If anything, Amerikan Fascists are persistent die-hards... like dinosaurs fearing their own eventual extinction.

The Ruling Corporate Empire of Amerikan Fascism is already deeply distressed by Che Hugo in Venezuela, Che Michele in Chili and now even more bummed out behind the on-going successes of Che Evo as the leader of the Bolivian people. There will be many Ches! Venceremos Unidos!

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