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Responde: Hindu Army Generals Supply Indian Prostitutes to Hindu Soldiers in Kashmir

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I suppose that large bodies of men composed into a male-dominated army would pose a problem in relation to natural sexual urges and that the lack of regular contact with women in ways leading to sexual intimacy could be a big downer in terms of troop morale. Droopy troops! We need to be realistic.

In a revolutionary army, a true people's army, there would ideally be a fair ratio between men and women, plus, a people's army would not be fighting on foreign turf in foreign lands as an occupying army, but rather would be fighting in their native lands. However, such combat situations are never ideal in a nightmare situation.

Look at how the U.S. Army turned whole regions into whorehouses in order to meet the sexual needs of U.S. Army Soldiers who are males and other U.S. military personnel over these last several decades! I am sure this has been a real military problem for centuries that impacts on the combat readiness of soldiers and has resulted in massive rapes of foreign women by occupying armies.

I suppose it is easy for officers with easy access to their wives or unofficial brothels to harp about it all being a matter of self-discipline by male army soldiers. Easier said than done. Even women have sexual needs ~ let us not be shy ~ and sexual orgasm
is one key way for soldiers in the stress of warfare to relieve build-up tensions.

Actually, these are matters and questions that all military-minded leaders need to addressed and related sensitive problems that need to be solved in a male-dominated army. What about male prostitutes for homosexual soldiers?!?!

Ideally, men and women should be united together as they wage liberation wars, fighting side-by-side on an equal basis as armed combatants!

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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Hindu Army Generals Supply Indian Prostitutes to Hindu Soldiers in

Indian Army to Deploy Prostitutes as Women Battalion in Held Kashmir


NEW DELHI, India, 11 September 2009 ( - The Indian
Army is deploying around 200 [Indian] prostitutes under the cover of
Border Security Force's constables in the Indian Occupied Kashmir
along with the Line of Control, The Daily Mail has learnt through
authoritative sources.

According to the sources, the decision of recruiting [Indian]
prostitutes for deployment in the held [Kashmir] valley was taken some
six months back and Indian Army Chief General [Deepak] Kapoor finally
approved it. The Daily Mail has learnt that this decision was taken as
a result of discussions and consultations regarding the alarmingly
increasing incidents of suicides and killing colleagues by soldiers of
Indian Army that are deployed in the Indian Occupied Kashmir to fight

The Daily Mail's investigations indicate that the factor of suicides
and random shoot outs on colleagues by Indian soldiers in the held
[Kashmir] valley has become a big dilemma for the Indian Army top
brass. When this exercise gained momentum earlier this year, the Army
leadership approached different consultants and analysts. The
consultants and analysts reached the conclusion that Indian soldiers
deployed in the valley were committing suicides and killing colleagues
out of acute frustration and depression. Medical and psychological
consultants and analysts are of the view that since majority of the
soldiers deployed in the valley are married and are away from their
wives for very long time, they are gripped by sexual frustrations
which ultimately transforms into mental frustrations. These
consultants suggested that the soldiers posted in the [Kashmir] valley
should be sent [back to India] on leaves to be with their wives once a

This became another dilemma for the Indian Army's top brass as it is
not possible at all to send such huge number of [Indian] soldiers on
leaves with regular intervals. The Daily Mail's investigations further
reveal that upon this a Major-General was sent to Moscow to get some
solution to the problems as Russians had some sort of similar problems
around 2 decades back. This [Indian] General, identified as General
Kumar, returned with a very strange solution. The Russian consultants
told the Indian Army that since the soldiers in the valley are women-
starved, they should be provided with women to meet their genuine and
natural [sexual] needs.

The Daily Mail's investigations indicate that at this stage, the
Indian Army Chief constituted a committee under the command of Lt.
General Raj Kumar Karwal, who is currently posted as Director-General
of a training facility of the Indian Army, while Major-General Sanjeev
Loomba, Brigadier Anil Sharma, Colonel N.K. Khunduri and Colonel
Sanjay Rai were members of the committee. The committee finally came
up with the solution that since it is not possible to provide street
whores directly to the [Indian] soldiers, thus professional
prostitutes should be recruited with the title of sex-workers and then
they should be given basic military training and should be posted in
Kashmir sector as soldiers so that male soldiers can establish
[sexual] relations with them.

It was also decided that the recruitment should not be made publicly,
but [Indian] RAW's help should be sought as RAW has a huge network of
prostitutes in different cities of India. The Daily Mail's investigations reveal
that RAW completed the assignment successfully
and provided a batch of
some 300, semi-educated prostitutes to the
General Raj Kumar committee
after proper medical checkup of every
individual. The committee then
approached the [Indian] Army Chief and
it was decided that these new
recruits should not be made part of
mainstream Army, but should be
adjusted in [Indian] Border Security
Force (BSF) and from there, their
[sexual intercourse or prostitution]
services would be made available for
[Indian] Northern Command. The
[Indian Army sex] project was completed
by the end of August when the
new recruited batch of 300 [Indian hookers]
completed a basic military
training and Army Chief was informed that recruits
are ready for
deployment in the [Kashmir] valley.

When contacted by this correspondent, [Indian] Inspector General of
BSF Himmat Singh confirmed that a batch of 178 [Indian] female
soldiers is being sent to Northern Command where they would be
deployed along with Indo-Pak border to check the border violations by
women, working in the field. Mr. Singh further stated that these
[Indian] women [prostitutes] were not fully trained for operational
military duties; however, in the next phase, after further training,
they would be given the duties of operational border security. Mr.
Singh refused to admit that these [Indian] female soldiers are
actually prostitutes and are being dispatched to the [Kashmir] valley
as undercover sex-workers.

When contacted, Rohit Sharma, a senior defense analyst here in New
Delhi, said that the [prostitution] move is a wonderful step by the
Indian Army leadership as it would boost medical and mental health of
the [Indian] soldiers, posted in the [Kashmir] valley and they would
come up with better results.

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AIDS in Indian Army

New statistics indicate that there some 6,000 HIV-infected individuals
in India's Army. According to an Army spokesman, the numbers have been
increasing exponentially since the beginning of the decade, when 18
[Indian] soldiers tested HIV-positive. The overwhelming majority of
the infections were the result of sex with prostitutes, although
premarital and extramarital sex and blood transfusions in civilian
facilities were also cited as sources of [AIDS] infection. - [Lancet,
5-1-1999, Vol. 353, No. 9163, P. 1508.]

[Indian] Army Takes on Fight Against AIDS

By Mufti Islah

SRINAGAR, Kashmir, 10 April 2007 (CNN-IBN) - Twenty-three-year old
Smriti and 26-year-old Suhag are Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
constables on duty in strife-torn Kashmir.

Both are educated, sharp and dedicated towards their [prostitution]
profession and equally eager to keep healthy and perhaps that explains
why they are all ears during an AIDS awareness session that was held.

"We know AIDS is a deadly virus and it must be controlled", said
Smriti. "The doctor gave us valuable information on AIDS", said Suhag.

Since the CRPF has taken over the mantle of counter-insurgency
operation, another battle faces them: AIDS. Out of the 280 cases,
nearly 12 percent have been posted in the [Kashmir] Valley.

There are 28 reportedly full-blown AIDS cases in Kashmir. One person,
in fact, died of it last year. Shocked by the statistics, the CRPF top
brass wrote to the state government for help. The [Indian] Government,
in response, has launched a campaign that will cover all 60 [Indian
Army] battalions in Kashmir and 14 in Jammu.

"Security forces [of India] remain outside the houses and they come in
the high risk groups like truckers and migrant labourers. With 1030
[HIV] positive cases, a major percentage is tuckers and [Indian]
security forces", said Director of J&K AIDS Control Society, G.M.

Meanwhile, the awareness drive is being appreciated by the force. "I
am going to tell all the women in the battalion about how to keep safe
from contracting AIDS. The things I learnt here should be discussed
with young sisters so that they too are aware of the disease", said a
CRPF member, Neeru.

Though critics would say the [Indian] administration has been late in
acting against the spread of AIDS, the awareness drive, no doubt, is a
step in the right direction.

AIDS - Biggest Killer in Indian Army

INDIA, 22 April 2005 (Turks) - In the northern part of India, the AIDS
virus has overtaken civil unrest and clashes as the worst killer of
[Indian] troops, reports say.

The Indian Army issued a statement earlier today disclosing that the
number of people infected by HIV virus has reached seriously high
numbers. Assam Military Units Commander Colonel Bhopinder Singh added
the death toll of AIDS is higher than that of casualties in the

The military unit of 55,000 [Indian] troops deployed in the north of
the country to fight against more than 20 separatist groups are now
hit harder by the HIV virus than insurgents. Since 1992, 32 [Indian]
soldiers have died of AIDS and 180 are under treatment, according to

Reveal Your Visit To Sex-Workers: Indian Army's Clear Message to
Soldiers to Restrict AIDS Cases

INDIA, 30 December 2006 (India Daily) - Indian Army has prepared
itself to fight with the enemy within the country. The [Pakistan] Army
across the border is not its enemy No. one. [Indian] Vice-Admiral V.K.
Singh, Director-General of Armed Forces Medical Services, has said
that we consider HIV as our enemy No. 1.

Indian Army is considered as the world's second largest army with 1.2
million troops. The soldiers live away from their families for the
maximum time. AIDS is the threat they are now taking by the horns now.
Indian Army has not yet defeated the danger of AIDS but it showed the
signs of some progress.

In the year 2003, some 300 AIDS cases were reported in the [Indian]
armed forces while this year the No. has gone down to 37 in 2006.
There has also been no death reported due to AIDS this year.

According to the report, soldiers are now under orders to report if
they visit sex-workers [prostitutes]. The message to [Indian] troops
is very much clear, that is: let's talk about sex.

V.K. Singh said that now [Indian] soldiers are not hesitant to open up
and confess that they have visited a sex-worker and they are now ready
for the [AIDS] test.

Sex is no longer a taboo in the Indian Army. The message is, however,
clear that detecting HIV is not the problem but not reporting about
the [AIDS] disease is the problem. So going for sex is no longer being
seen as a disgrace [in the military of India].

V.K. Singh said further that there should be a very liberal thinking
and an action in the distribution of condoms, and creating awareness
and education. Condoms should be kept in a place from where [Indian]
jawans [soldiers] can easily take one.




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Anurag said...

Ha ha ha!!!
Articles published on this site are really far far away from the reallity...above one is good example for it...Honble Home minister P.Chidambaram gave a wonderful response to these article as published in telegraph and other leading daily`s...

Second point is if these sight is all about truth(Haqeeqat) then why u guys are not publishing abut the status of womens in your country....moreover india has diversity with unity in all aspects including religion(i.e. secularism)...Because we only know one thing "Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Sabhi log hai bhai bhai...."

~Peta-de-Aztlan~ said...

Let people learn different ways of looking at the same social phenomena in order to have a broader perspective. Naivety is closed or small minded.